Does the iPhone support Javascript?


Finally someone smart and knows what their talking about! I just have one question. On the iPhone when I try o play a game... Such as Runescape for an example, it goes to a white page saying install the latest version of java. Which to me sounds like there is a version of java already "built into" the iPhone. The question is... How to update it?? Most likely you can't. Why? Because apple doesn't want you to put install anything onto the iPhone that they haven't already built into it. Unfortunetly meaning that playing games ,such as Runescape, on the iPhone is... Impossible! Which I think is quite the bummer! My suggestion to apple would be build in the next iPhone a better version of java making it POSSIBLE to play online games ,such as Runescape.


wow I didn't think people were so fucking angry about this.I've never posted shit on a nerd site but I have to say it is fucking gay cracking the shits at each other.I may be called the 'retard' but hey I have a life well away from a fucking computer or phone.and you ask then why are you here ?well because weather is a major factor I'n my sporting/adventures /lifestyle so I require a detailed ocean Sst (sea surface temp) from the aqua satelite which requires some java thing on my iPhone,just trying to sort it out so I can keep updated when fishing for marlin tuna etc

WOW! Retard.


Thnks but I went to adobe air website and went to download it ask what service r you using it only had windows or Macintosh and I have the iPhone 4s what do I need to do and how do I jailbreak this phone?

I will never buy an apple or iPhone again because I use java in trading and iPhone sucks

I must use iPhone 4s because my company gave it to me as for company phone. I agree iPhone sucks. It's nothing but a toy compared to serious phones provided by manufactures who actually care about market/user needs.