What audio formats will the iPhone play/support?


I have a mircrosoft lifecam - I need the correct format to send an audio to an iphone. Have tried mp3 and it doesn't open. Can you help please. Many thanks.

[...] What audio formats will the iPhone play/support? The Apple iPhone supports the following audio formats: AAC (16 to 320 Kbps) AIFF AAC Protected (MP4 from iTunes Store) MP3 (16 to 320 Kbps) MP3 VBR Audible (formats 2-4) Apple Lossless WAV. Unfortunately, Ogg Vorbis didn?t make the … [...]

I cannot get my iPhone to play wav files that are attached to an email. Our Cisco voicemail system sends voicemail messages as emails with an attached wav file. My iPhone will not play them.

Take a look at this link. I think the new version of software supports downloading WAV files from your Unity/Echange server.
There could also be an issue with the audio format (Codec) that Unity is set up for. If the server is using G.729 instead of G.711 the playback may not be supported.



first thanks heaps for all this info.

My iphone 4 is arriving in the mail in a week - im not a mac person & i dont have itunes, just wondering do I have to have itunes on my pc to get music on iphone or will i be able to just copy & paste from folders? hope so

Imposible, el iphone solo trabaja con iTunes y algun que otro programa especifico como el iFunBox para transferir contenido multimedia al equipo y desde el.

if i knew that i have to go through all these painstaking stept just in order to do a simple task done on my iphone4 , i would have never paid such a money on this rubbish. am much more satisfied with my previous out dated nokia phone.

what a load of rubbish, you sir clearly do not know your iphone from your XXX but seriously itunes is the way forward its very easy to use with a minimal user interface and i came from a pc background to a mac and i have not looked back mac osx rocks.

No, he is right. iTunes is a rubish program and doesn't let me use my music, that I paid for, how I want. It is a load and Windows Media Player is a much more user friendly program that actually lets you do what you want with your music. Just because of iTunes I will NEVER purchase an Apple device again! I can't express it enough my disgust with iTunes!

iPhone is a glorified piece of crap, as any Apple crap

Sorry, but nothing about Apple products, "rock."

Who ever wrote this forgot mp4 format;.

And you forgot that MP4 is a media container. Oops.

thank you just got a new iphone today and this just opened a a way for me to use my music anywhere i need with the click of a button!