P2P Client MewSeek Released for iPhone 2.1

Now that your iPhone running the latest firmware (2.1) has been jailbroken it's time to find some cool applications. Feel the need for some P2P filesharing? Now you can download music from the SoulSeek network using MewSeek (formerly known as iSlsk). The application is available for free on Cydia.

PwnPlayer Beta 5 is also available and is required to play songs downloaded using MewSeek. Both applications are in the development stages and may not be entirely stable. Early users have reported that aside from some minor bugs, MewSeek works as advertised. The developer refers to this release as experimental and hopes to re-enable some features that were usable in iSlsk that need better implementation for MewSeek.

Thinking about sharing your iPhone music library? Sorry, the current version of MewSeek is set up for downloading only.