How can I copy Cycorder Videos from my iPhone?

How can I copy Cycorder Videos from my iPhone?

So you've been recording a feature film using Cycorder on your jailbroken iPhone. It's time to edit and you want to copy all of those .mov files from the iPhone to your home computer. The process is relatively simple if you have the right software.

First of all, make sure you've installed the SSH package on your iPhone. SSH is free and can be found on the Cydia installer. Connect to your Wi-Fi network and look for the name of your network under Settings -> Wi-Fi. Select the blue arrow for more information about your network and make a note of the IP address of your iPhone.

Using an SSH or SFTP client on your computer (like Fugu or WinSCP) create a new connection for file transfer to the IP address of your iPhone. The username is 'root' and the default password is 'alpine' to connect.

Navigate on the iPhone to the location of the Cycorder videos. Cycorder files are stored in the directory '/var/mobile/media/videos' and can be transferred using SFTP directly to your computer. The .mov video files will then be playable on your computer using Quicktime or another program such as VLC.


the easiest way is to install pixelpipe app its free
then on cydia install ppvideo enabler
after install open ppvideo enabler and turn on cycorder or even videorecorder3g
=the result is all the recorded videos will be on DCIM folder
=so when you connect your iphone to the computer just click the iphone (drive) and it should be there.

yeah its work. thankxx