How can I improve construction speed in Mobile Strike?

Building and upgrading the various buildings is one of the core aspects of Mobile Strike. The higher level a building, the better bonuses it gives you. However, while building times will be in the minutes and hours early on in the game, they will quickly ramp up to many, many, many days. Obviously nobody wants this, so how to speed things up? There are several ways to speed up your construction:

  • Research - At the base of the Economics research tree is Construction. Research this diligently - each level (there are 10) will give you an additional bonus. For example, at level 8 you have a 36% bonus, level 9 adds 10% for a 46% bonus.
  • Commander Skills - Just like researching Construction, your commander has Construction I & II skills that you can allocate points to, giving you massive bonuses. A maxed out (10/10) Construction I gives you a 40% bonus while a 20/20 Construction II gives you a 65% bonus. With both of these maxed you will more than halve the upgrade time of a building. Consider using a Commander Skill Reset to re-allocate your skill points towards construction if you are in a building/upgrading phase.
  • Gear - There is all kinds of gear that you can equip your commander with that will improve construction time. Go into the Armory and tap Manufacture, then take a look at all of the items. Collect the appropriate materials, then manufacture them and equip your commander with them. Tap on your commander then tap on Commander Boosts to see your current bonuses. Some items will knock off set amounts of time off an upgrade, like 2 hours, while others will take off a percentage of the total time. As the times get longer you will want gear that has a percentage bonus rather than a fixed time.
  • How to speed up upgrade times in Mobile Strike.
  • Speedups - This is an obvious but expensive solution. They cost a lot of gold, so ask your Alliance to stock the alliance store with them so you can use your loyalty funds. Also, go to the firing range every once in a while with all the free ammo you've collected, you can get a lot of 1 hour speed ups there.
  • Torch Collectibles - These are a recent addition to the game. You can trade in Torch collectibles for speed ups. Like mods and materials they have quality levels 1 - 6 and you can combine them. The higher the quality, the bigger the speed up you can trade it in for.