Will a T-Mobile SIM card work in my iPhone? They are both GSM/EDGE.

Will a T-Mobile SIM card work in my iPhone? They are both GSM/EDGE.

Out of the box, the GSM version of the Apple iPhone (up to the iPhone 4) and the iPhone 4S will only work on Apple approved GSM providers (i.e. AT&T).

T-Mobile SIM cards can be used in an iPhone that has been jailbroken and unlocked via third party software. There are a variety of commercial and non-commercial software options available which unlock the iPhone.

Though unlocking has become very common for users that do not want to be tied to a particular carrier or bound by a contract, users should understand that unlocking is performed 'at your own risk'.

For more info on jailbreaking, including HOWTOs, tips, articles about tweaks and jailbreak apps and more, visit our iPhone Jailbreaking section.


hello i would like to know if i take the sim card out my htc inspire 4g to put in iphone 3gs i will have the same data plan

this is true my brother from another mother you can oull out sim card with a pin. ( :
tmobile and att are the only ones I think

So, I have T-mobile right now. I don't wanna switch to Attt or Verizon, but I would like an iphone. Can I unlock it to work for the iphone? If so can you please explain to me the steps.

LIsten everybody, ther are 2 types of iphones, GSM and CDMA, im not going into the differences between them but gsm WILL HOLD A SIM CARD but it has to be compatible with the phone, CDMA phones WILL NOT hold a sim card, if you wnt to find out more just google, difference between gsm ad cdma

actually if you go on apple.com you can see that it does hold a sim card and it comes with a sim ejector

At the time of the poster above, he would have been using the original iPhone. That version didn't come with a SIM slot opener thingy like the newer generations do. The SIM slot was sort of un-advertised in the original.

yes actually I have a first generation iphone, ive had it since the first month they were produced. Every iphone has a sim card tray!

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Actually this is not true. I was able to do this. You have to make the SIM card a proper fit. Apple confirming you is not a reliable source because obviously they are not going to tell you that it is possible...DUH!

actually u can put a sim car in the iphone just not the 4g and u can use a papper clip to open them but if you are using any other carrier besides att u need to jailbrak it!! and i work at radioshack so i kno!

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The top of the Iphone does have a sim card tray. ALL gsm phones must use a sim card and it must be user removable. The phone will be locked, but im sure in the near future, someone will develop the software to unlock it so you can use it on other gsm networks, such as tmobile.

you said in the near futur hahaha, you need to search more, the first time I unloched my phone was 7 years ago.

So you unlocked your iPhone four years before it was even invented? That's pretty amazing. Time travel much?

I worked my way backwards in order to get to my theory. For Apple the end result is to have a 3G compliant/capable phone. This could only mean that you would either need to get a new iPhone at the end of your two year contract when the standard changes or upgrade to the new standard. Why produce a phone with a technology that will soon be obsolete? As opposed to making one that uses current technologies(GSM, GPRS, EDGE), with future technologies dormant!(WCDMA, 3G)

Maybe the iPhone is a GSM/CDMA hybrid and has a virtual sim-card. This makes the most sense to me because of what I have red on many other websites about the inability for anyone to remove the 'sim-card' and the indication that the iPhone will have, in the near future, 3G capabilities. Some website and reviews of the iPhone claim that there is no 'sim-card'.

It is possible for the chip-set for the iPhone(which is not talked about - at all)to have the features for GSM, GPRS, EDGE and CDMA coexisting. If you pop over to QUALCOMM you could find out more about WCDMA technology and chipsets that make it possible for a device like the iPhone to not warrant a 'sim-card'. This would explain why it would make sense for Apple to use a WCDMA chipset(which would extend the iPhone's abilities to work with 3G technology)with dormant features, until they are ready to offer this service to their new iPhone consumer base, with only just the GSM, GPRS and EDGE available now.

From my non-technical understanding of CDMA, you don't need a 'sim-card' like with a GSM phone because the security features and storage capabilities rely on the handset and the network of the CDMA platform which does not need a third component like a 'sim-card' for sending or storing any data specific information that may or may not be needed by your handset or network for a call to be made or for data to be transfered.

So the question of whether there is or is not a 'sim-card' in the iPhone and whether you can remove it or not is still speculative but the fact that this is not talked about from Apple's side is interesting, given the future prospects of the iPhone.

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Its simple. Bought an Iphone "unlocked" from Apple store.
Use Tmobile service : T-Mobile Value Plans for Individuals. 59.99
includes, Unlimited Talk, Text and Date with up to 2GB of high Speed data.

T-mobile sells and will put the smaller sim card that is compatable with your IPhone for you.
( you dont have to "cut" it yourself).

If you were previous TMobile customer or with a different carrier, you will have to pay $200 to move to this plan and maybe pay for a new Iphone if you dont already have one but will save you a lot of money in the long run the following year (s) to come.

Verrison, AT&T and Sprint are like $119 a month (I can't remember) eitherway 59.99 or see TMobiles Chart for other options 49.99 a month includes 500 whenever min, unlimeted, 2GB high speed etc....
is still a lot less.

Enjoy the savings!