What is the purpose of Pink coins in Super Mario Run?

Super Mario Run Coin Values

Nintendo's Super Mario Run for iOS features more than just the standard Gold coins for you to collect. The game includes a variety of colored coins, such as Red, Blue, Pink, Purple and Green. The coins do not feature any kind of special abilities, but each coin has its own value. Here are the coin values:

  • Gold and Red = 1 coin
  • Blue = 2 coins
  • Pink, Purple, Green = 10 coins

The Pink coins are not just high value currency, they are also just one of the many features that gives Super Mario Run is high replay value. There are 5 Pink coins on every level in each of the 6 worlds. The game includes a Pink coin meter that keeps track of how many Pink coins you collect on each level. World 1-1 Up and Over may be easy to complete, but it is not easy to collect all 5 Pink coins on that level. Trying to collect all the Gold coins plus Pink coins after you complete each level is what makes Super Mario Run addicting.