Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run getting first major update with a new world

Daisy Super Mario Run

When Super Mario Run was released at the premium price of $9.99 for the full version, iOS fans were concerned that Nintendo would not add any new content. While there have been a few minor updates that have added different color Yoshis and other minor details, there hasn't been a major update that has added new levels or worlds since the game's initial release.

This is about the change as Nintendo announced this week it its planning a major update on September 29th. The update will bring a new level, world, unlockable character and more. Here's what we know so far:

How to earn free Rally Tickets in Super Mario Run

Free Rally Ticket

Nintendo has added a limited time event after rumors surfaced that the video game company had no plans to release updates for Super Mario Run. The free Friendly Run event is the second update released by Nintendo after the game's initial launch to the App Store on December 15th. Nintendo added the Friendly Run mode as a practice option back on December 20th. In Friendly Run, players can compete against their friends in timed races for bragging rights.


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