How to earn free Rally Tickets in Super Mario Run

Free Rally Ticket

Nintendo has added a limited time event after rumors surfaced that the video game company had no plans to release updates for Super Mario Run. The free Friendly Run event is the second update released by Nintendo after the game's initial launch to the App Store on December 15th. Nintendo added the Friendly Run mode as a practice option back on December 20th. In Friendly Run, players can compete against their friends in timed races for bragging rights.

Unlike Toad Rally players do not keep the coins or toads that they earn after each race, but starting today players will be rewarded 1 Rally Ticket for each race played, no matter if they win or lose. Rally Tickets can be used in the Rally section to compete for toads against other players.

To compete in Friendly Run you need to add other players to your Friend List. You can do this by inviting your friends through social media, the Messages app, email or by using their Player ID in the Add Friends section. Once you have added friends to your Friend List, just tap the RUN icon next to their name to play Friendly Run. You can compete in up to 5 Friendly Run challenges a day if you have unlocked the full game and have completed Worlds 1 and 2 in the Tour section.

The free Rally Ticket event will end at 7:59 AM on January 11, 2017.

You can also purchase Bonus Game houses in the Kingdom Building area. The three bonus houses are located in the Special items section of the Build screen, and can be purchased with coins you earn from playing the game. You can earn additional Rally Tickets by playing each of the bonus games once these houses are purchased and placed in your kingdom. Just tap the Red, Yellow or Blue house marked with a star to play any of the bonus games. This is a great way to earn additional Rally Tickets after you have completed the Tour section and have saved the princess.


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