How do I play Friendly Run in Super Mario Run?

Super Mario Run Friendly Run

Friendly Run is like a practice version of Toad Rally where you can compete against your friends' best run times. To play Friendly Run you need to add at least 1 friend to your Friend List. You and any friend on your list must have completed at least 1 Toad Rally race to compete in any Friendly Runs. Once these requirements are met you can compete against your friends by navigating to the Kingdom building screen and tapping the Friends icon. From here you can tap the highlighted RUN icon next to any listed profile.

You can only race each friend once a day up to 5 friends a day. Here's the number of daily Friend Run plays available:

  • Haven't cleared World 1 - One time per day
  • World 1 cleared - 3 times per day
  • World 2 cleared - 5 times per day