Why does is say 'unable to find friend's play data' in Super Mario Run?

What does Support Code 804-4006 in Super Mario Run mean?

Friendly Run

Nintendo added a "Friendly Run" mode in version 1.0.1 of Super Mario Run. Friendly Run is like a practice mode of Toad Rally where you can compete against your friends 1-5 times a day. Like Toad Rally, Friendly Run is not an actual real time multiplayer, instead you play against your friend's ghost to beat their fastest time. This means your friend must have completed at least 1 Toad Rally to compete in the Friendly Run mode. If you are seeing the "unable to find friend's play data" when trying to compete against someone in Friendly Mode, it means that person has not yet recorded a time in Toad Rally for you to beat. Players with the free version of the app can compete in both Toad Rally and Friendly Run.