Hybrid Chip Means Verizon iPhone is Coming in 2010

The second half of 2010 could finally bring a much-anticipated Verizon Wireless iPhone. A new hybrid chip developed by Qualcomm makes it possible to communicate with several different network technologies using only one component.

This means Apple can manufacture one device, the "world mode" iPhone that will work on all of the networks it's currently compatible with as well as Verizon's CDMA network. Previous reports speculated that Apple would wait until at least 2011 for Verizon's launch of LTE technology.

With the exclusive AT&T deal expiring sometime in 2010, Apple will be free to sell its hardware through other wireless carriers. OTR Global reports that Apple has already signed a deal with Verizon to offer the iPhone on their network in the third quarter of 2010.

AppleInsider received the OTR Global report from an industry analyst. From AppleInsider:

Qualcomm's new hybrid CDMA/WCDMA chip offers the potential for a single, global iPhone that users can take to any major carrier, solving the network fractionalization problem. It also solves other issues that had served as roadblocks, including the issue of user confusion that would result from Apple selling separate CDMA and GSM/UMTS versions of the iPhone.

Apple plans to have the new Verizon-compatible iPhones assembled by Asustek subsidiary Pegatron to increase the number of manufacturers from which the company can source hardware. Current iPhone models are assembled by Hon Hai.