How do I connect AirPods to my Mac?

How can I pair AirPods to my iMac / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air / Mac Pro / Mac mini? Why won't AirPods connect to my Mac? Do I need to pair AirPods 2 to my Mac? How do I use AirPods Pro with my Mac computer?

AirPods Bluetooth

AirPods automatically connect to devices that are in proximity and logged into the same iCloud account. If you've already set up your AirPods on the iPhone, and your Mac is signed into the same iCloud account, AirPods will be recognized automatically. If you're having trouble, open the AirPods case and check the Bluetooth menu in the macOS status bar to connect.

If your Mac is signed into a different iCloud account than the one linked to your AirPods, they must be paired to the Mac manually. Follow these steps to pair the AirPods to your Mac, and connect using the Bluetooth menu in the macOS status bar. You can also access Bluetooth devices under System Preferences -> Bluetooth.