Nokia Expands Patent Attack on Apple

Not long after Apple counter-sued Nokia, the stakes of the battle have increased. Nokia is now claiming that Apple has violated its patents in almost all of its consumer electronics products. The US International Trade Commission has received word that Nokia believes Apple's iPhones, iPods and computers are all abusing Nokia's intellectual property rights.

Initially, Nokia claimed that Apple had violated patents including GSM and UMTS communications standards as well as security and encryption standards in its iPhone. Apple countered the lawsuit by saying that Nokia illegally copied 13 of its own patents and named the Nokia E71 as a device that completely mimics the iPhone.

Now struggling mobile giant Nokia claims that Apple has ripped off their antenna and power management technology, cameras and user interface. The lawsuit continues to claim that all of the technologies that have been copied illegally reduce manufacturing costs, prolong battery life and shrink the size of Apple devices.

Apple believes Nokia has stolen its technology for connecting iPhones to computers as well as touch-screen interfaces and teleconferencing patents. Nokia previously claimed that the iPhone infringed on 10 of its patents involving Wi-Fi and phone communications standards.

Nokia is the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer with a 38 percent market share, however they are not expected to grow in 2010 due to strong competition.


Struggling mobile giant Nokia ?? In which planet?

When psystar sold some computers with Apple OS inside, the only thing that the apple funs wanted was for Apple to kill psystar for copying their products.
Now the story is the other way around. It is Apple copying someone else products... and Nokia is no small psystar. You dealing with a huge company and they are in the mobile business long, long time.
The chances that Apple did copy something, are quit enough.

Do you think Nokia would start this fight if they did not know what they are doing?
Well, keep dreaming. Nokia is no pussy cat and they know very well what they are doing.

I hope they nok apple down like apple did to psystar

Nokia's stock is not expected to grow? That's right up there with the 500 articles that say Apple's overpriced stock is going to go up more and/or split despite this lawsuit. I assume that you 1) own Apple stock and 2) aren't smart enough to get out now because you think that the company is actually worth that much (it's not). I'd think Nokia is a much better bet because they will almost certainly win this lawsuit, get a large payout from Apple, and get approx $6 on each iPhone/iMac/etc that Apple sells going forward.

No doubt that Nokia is the largest manufacturer of cell phones but apple is also a brabded company well the business of nokia will be improved as the current market is running in a improve stage.well
mobile upgrades is a good deal to sell the handset nokia is also using the deal to increase its sale.