iTunes Ping Even Outlived Apple's iOS Cards Service

Remember the good old days, when services like Ping were abandoned after just 25 months? Apple must have set a new record by officially canceling iOS Cards service after only 23 months in operation. In case you missed it, September 10 was the last day to order and send a physical card using the Cards app.

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Cards service was first released in October 2011, along with the launch of the iPhone 4S and iOS 5. The app was a surprise announcement by Scott Forstall at the iPhone 4S media event. Users could choose from 21 template designs and add their own message and photos. Cards were sent for $2.99 with custom postage from the USPS, and paid for using an Apple ID.

Was Apple's Cards service discontinued?

Apple discontinued its Cards iOS app service on September 10, 2013. The official Apple Cards: Frequently asked questions page states:

As of September 10, 2013, the Cards iOS app service is no longer available.

Cards ordered before 1 PM Pacific time on September 10, 2013, will be delivered, and push notifications will continue to work.

You can view your previous purchases by tapping Saved Cards in the app.


Apple Releases Cards and iBooks App Updates

iOS fans watch out. Apple has just launched updates to their own mobile applications, iBooks and Cards. Although the iBooks update is relatively minor, version 2.1.1 will solve an annoying problem that some users have experienced. The main bug addressed by the update is an issue where iBooks prompts you to sign in with your Apple ID at unexpected times.

iOS app cards Apple

Fans of Cards will be happy to install version 1.1 which brings all kinds of new options. Not only are there now letterpress cards specifically designed for Mother's Day coming up on May 13, but Apple has added additional cards for birthdays and more. Other improvements include new Get Well card designs.

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