iPhone Survey: High Demand, Even Higher Satisfaction

The latest numbers are in. ChangeWave Research has discovered that a whopping 34 percent of smartphone buyers would have purchased an iPhone if their carrier offered the Apple product. Instead, these consumers bought Samsung, HTC, RIM and Motorola devices to avoid switching their phone numbers to the AT&T network. Bad news for Motorola, whose users were almost evenly divided between keeping their smartphone or getting an iPhone instead.

apple iphone changewave survey

Samsung and HTC led the pack with 50 percent or more users stating they would stick with their devices. Only 28 percent of Samsung respondents claimed they would have purchased an iPhone instead, with 32 percent of HTC users echoing similar sentiments. Non-AT&T customers definitely have some pent-up demand for the iPhone and many would have made different purchasing decisions if their carriers offered the device.

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