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iPhone Launches in China to Little Fanfare

The deal was a long time coming but the iPhone has now officially been launched by Apple in China. By some estimates there are 2 million grey market iPhones in operation within the country already.

iphone black market

High prices and the lack of Wi-Fi on Chinese models may have shortened lines. The 32GB iPhone is retailing for the equivalent of $1,025 with no service contract.

Is Apple Throwing Away 500 million iPhone Subscribers?

There's an interesting article featured on Wired right now that puts some hard numbers up against a question many of us have been asking since Apple broke down talks with China Mobile late in 2007. That question, is simply, what the #$%! was Apple thinking? China Mobile is not only the largest wireless communications provider in China, it is the largest wireless communications provider in the world.

chinese flag

Wired's article offers up some interesting statistics, a few of which are:


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