Turn Your iPod into an iPhone with 500MB of Free Data

FreedomPop is now accepting pre-orders for its iPod Freedom Sleeve. The case converts your iPod into a 4G iPhone with 500MB of guaranteed free broadband every month. Each additional gigabyte will cost you $10. The Freedom Sleeve allows you to make calls, use Skype or FaceTime and stream music or videos anywhere. You can even turn your iPod into a hotspot for up to eight devices.

iPod touch

Just like the FreedomPop iPhone case, the iPod sleeve is a a WiMax mobile hotspot that incases your device. The WiMAX network is available in 82 markets with plans to connect to Sprint’s new LTE network in the future. It may not be as fast as other 4G networks, but the free data may be worth the tradeoff to some iPod owners.

iPhone Case to Provide Free 1GB Wireless Data Plan

Monthly wireless data plans are great, until you get the bill. With most iPhone carriers moving to data caps some users are paying extra when the limits are exceeded. FreedomPop is looking to provide another solution for iPhone owners, a full gigabyte of data usage free.

FreedomPop iPhone case free 4G

So what's the catch? FreedomPop will provide a special iPhone case for a $100 deposit, which is fully refundable if the case is returned in good condition. The case has a built-in WiMAX radio and is capable of connecting up to eight devices (including the iPhone) to the 4G network via mobile hotspot.

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