How do I block/report a user on Hype?

You can block or report other Hype users by navigating to their profile page and tapping the gear icon in the top right hand corner. The report button does not include any additional steps, such as listing infractions, so make sure you have a legitimate reason to use it before proceeding.

You can search for a specific user name by using the search option from the Explore section, or by navigating to your own profile page and selecting Subscribers. Just tap the name of the user you want to block from your subscriber list, then tap the gear icon to block or report them.


How do I send Sparkles on Hype?

The broadcasting app Hype allows you to send "sparkles" to a broadcaster to show your appreciation for their live stream. You can send sparkles on the app the same way you send hearts on Periscope -- by tapping your display during a live broadcast. Remember unlike Periscope, Hype allows broadcasters to archive old videos. You can only send sparkles during a live broadcast and not to old videos.



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