Mobile Strike

How do I manufacture gear in Mobile Strike?

To succeed in Mobile Strike you will have to eventually manufacture equipment that will give your commander boosts in various areas. Basically you want an entire outfit for each task at hand - if you want to upgrade a building you will want your commander decked out head to toe in construction gear to dramatically cut down the time it will take. Same goes for research, attacking and defending and training troops. You only need to be wearing the gear when you initially start the timer, so as soon as you hit "Upgrade," you can change into gear suited for your next task.

What do Daily and Alliance chances do in Mobile Strike?

Your Daily and Alliance missions are a source of experience for your commander, resources, loyalty funds and mods. While the missions are usually basic or standard and give you negligible amounts of each, there are higher level missions like "elite" and "legendary" that can give you substantial rewards. A legendary mission can produce well over a million XP for your commander, helping him to level up and gain critical skill points. Daily and Alliance chances will give you a full refresh of your missions, giving you a chance to get better quality ones.

How do I combine mods / materials in Mobile Strike?

Combining mods and materials is essential for your success in Mobile Strike. When you eventually have high level materials you will manufacture gear with them to equip your commander with, giving him powerful boosts for various aspects of the game, including attack, defense, research and construction boosts among others. You can further modify the manufactured gear by outfitting it with mod chips, giving it even more bonuses.


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