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New iPhone Cases: EcoXpro Waterproof Case and Dausen iPhone Pico Projector

Grace Digital has added the EcoXpro waterproof iPhone case to its ECOXGEAR lineup. The rugged case will work with almost any smartphone, and is also compatible with the waterproof EcoXbud earphones.

iPhone Cases

The waterproof smartphone case features a built-in 3-inch full-range speaker, external waterproof headset jack, up to 30 hours of battery life (with standard AA batteries - not included). It also offers extra storage for your keys and other pocket items. The EcoXpro smartphone case is available now..

New Apple Store App Introduces 'EasyTheft' and Personal Pickup

Apple has launched version 2.0 of the Apple Store app which now includes EasyPay and Personal Pickup. EasyPay allows you to pay for items through the app, rather than having to deal with long lines or sales reps. The new feature has been dubbed "EasyTheft" since it makes shoplifting a lot easier. EasyPay will only be available for smaller items like iPhone cases and other accessories. So you won't be walking out with a free laptop in the near future.

Apple Store Version 2.0

Personal Pickup also saves you time by allowing you to purchase items at a retail store while on the go. Items purchased on the app will be ready for pickup within an hour of the sale. This seems like a great time saver for business professionals. You can order an item while eating lunch, and pick it up on your way back to the office.

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