How to save and share iPhone voicemail messages

Visual Voicemail iOS 9

In the not so distant past, voicemail messages were trapped in audio mailboxes far away. The iPhone's visual voicemail changed how these messages were managed forever. Now iOS 9 delivers even more options when it comes to saving and sharing voicemails directly from your device. Any voice message can be saved, edited and sent using Voice Memos and more.

How to permanently delete iPhone visual voicemails

Clear Visual Voicemail messages

Some iPhone owners may not have noticed, but iOS automatically saves deleted visual voicemails. The deleted voicemail messages go into a folder, which is appropriately named Deleted Messages. Depending on the carrier, contents of Deleted Messages can be saved indefinitely. iOS does not provide a way to clear out this folder automatically, so it must be done manually. To free up more storage space on the iPhone, here's how to delete old voicemails once and for all.

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