Push Notifications

How can I turn on / off push notifications on the iPhone?

Some applications support push notifications. This is Apple's way of sending app-specific data such as news alerts and sports scores to your iPhone while conserving the battery and cellular data bandwidth. For push notifications to work you must be running iPhone OS 3.0 or higher.

To turn on push notifications:

1. Install an app that offers push notifications.
2. Navigate to Settings -> Notifications -> ON
3. A list of apps that support push notifications will appear.
4. Touch the app you wish to turn on or off notifications for and choose your options.

Can I fix push notification on my unlocked original iPhone (2G)?

If you've already jailbroken and unlocked your first-generation iPhone running OS 3.0, you may have noticed that Apple's push notification services don't work. Although this is unfortunate, thanks to the iPhone Dev-Team the problem is temporary.

apple iphone push notification ban

A package named Push Fix will correct the issue. Here's how to install the package. First run Cydia and select Manage from the bottom menu. Touch Sources in the middle of the screen and a list of repositories will be displayed.


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