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Replace red iOS badges with custom labels


Sometimes default red iOS badges can pile up, cluttering the home screen. There are many options for jailbreakers to customize the size, location and color of notification badges. Some tweaks take this one step further, completely changing the look and feel of notifications. Goodges seeks to create "good badges", offering a variety of customization options once installed.

Make lock screen notifications match the Apple Watch


The Apple Watch has its own unique design for incoming notifications. Jailbreakers now have the option to match this design on their iPhone lock screen thanks to the tweak WatchNotifications. Once installed, notifications on the lock screen will appear just like Apple Watch notifications, adding consistency between the two devices.

How to stop notifications from waking the iPhone display


Every time the iPhone receives a notification, the display lights up and a banner is displayed. While this is a great way to keep up with current information, there are several good reasons why users might want to prevent this behavior. Keeping the screen asleep when receiving notifications not only saves battery, but it can enhance privacy and reduce distractions. Enter the jailbreak tweak IllLookLater.

How to Hide iOS App Badges with Confero

App badges do a great job of showing pending notifications. The only problem is that the iOS home screen can quickly fill up with many red circles. This clutter doesn't appeal to everyone, and there have been many app badge mods to come out of the jailbreak community as a result. Examples include BadgeClear, Badge Customizer, and MagicBadges. iOS 8 users with jailbroken devices can now hide and organize app badges in a completely new way thanks to Confero.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak Confero”  title=

Once installed, Confero provides many options to customize its behavior. The core of the tweak revolves around a status bar icon. When invoked, this icon opens a window right over the home screen showing all of the apps with pending notifications in one place. The corresponding icons back on the home screen are always displayed badge-free, which declutters the home screen.

How to Easily Dismiss Notifications in iOS 7

Notifications are an important part of the iOS experience, but they can also be extremely annoying when you're doing something else on your iPhone (especially when you're playing games). This is why Apple has added the ability to easily dismiss them in iOS 7.

Dismiss Notification

You can get rid of pesky Notifications by simply swiping up on the message you want to dismiss on your Home screen. This allows you to quickly clear your display of any Notifications instead of waiting for them to disapear automatically. All dismissed texts, emails and so on will still be stored in your Notifications Center, which you can access by swiping down from the top of your display.


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