What is the iPhone iOS SpringBoard?

SpringBoard is the application that manages the home screen on iOS devices. With SpringBoard, icons on the home screen can be organized, the background wallpaper changed, and applications are launched. Some of the iPhone's settings at startup are also set by the SpringBoard.

Essentially SpringBoard is like the mobile version of a desktop. Mac OS X features the Finder while Windows computers have the Explorer. In iOS 4.3.3 firmware, SpringBoard looks for apps to display on the home screen in the /var/mobile/Applications and /Applications directories on the iPhone.

Apple Patents New Infrared Anti-Piracy Technology

Apple is patenting technology that could help stop illegal pirating of musicals, concerts and movies. The new technology would allow movie theaters to use infrared beams to shut off iPhones being used to illegally bootleg. Similar to the same technology theaters use to send audio to individual hearing-aids for the hearing impaired.

Another way the technology could be used is to create free viral marketing. Take a concert for example, a band could surround the stage with infrared transmitters that watermark the videos or pictures you capture. If you decide to record the latest Black Eyed Peas performance, and share it on your YouTube page, the video would be stamped with

IR Beams

The tech is more than just a Big Brother device, the same IR beams could be used to enhance some experiences by transmitting information to your iPhone about certain items; like information about a sculpture or painting at a museum.

Does the iPhone support dual / multiple SIM cards?

No, the iPhone only has space for one SIM card. The iPhone 4 only holds one Micro SIM card.

Creative developers have enabled dual and multiple-SIM solutions for the iPhone, however these are unofficial hacks that likely violate the Apple warranty and cellular carrier terms of service. Having more than one SIM card makes it possible to use one iPhone on multiple carriers or have two phone lines on the same mobile device.

What is the focal length of the iPhone camera?

The effective or equivalent focal length of the iPhone camera varies by model. The actual focal length on the original iPhone (2G), iPhone 3G/3GS, and iPhone 4 (rear-facing main camera) is 3.85mm.

The field of view (35mm SLR camera lens equivalent) for each model is listed here:

Original iPhone (2G): 37mm
iPhone 3G: 37mm
iPhone 3GS: 37mm
iPhone 4 (rear-facing main camera): 30mm

The iPhone 4 captures a slightly wider field of view, fitting more of the scene into one photo than its predecessors.


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