Transparent iPhone

Transparency Tweak Turns Your App Icons Invisible

The Transparency tweak from Cydia allows you to change your app icons by adding a new control panel in the Settings app. As you can see from the example below, the tweak's primary function is to turn your icons invisible. There is also a shadow option and a way to turn off the icon labels. I guess this will be a great tweak if they ever invent that transparent iPhone, otherwise this is just a fun and simple way for people to mess around with their icons.

iPhone Tweak

Transparency is free from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. The tweak will automatically turn your icons invisible after it's downloaded and installed. Just open your Settings app and locate the Transparency panel to play around with the different looks, or to turn your icons back to normal.

Researchers Create Transparent Battery For Transparent iPhone [Video]

Remember how long you had to wait for a white iPhone? Well a transparent iPhone is probably many, many years away, if even possible, but one researcher has gotten a step closer by creating a lithium-ion battery that seems invisible.

transparent iphone

The transparent battery features overlapped electrodes that make the battery invisible to the naked eye. Developers Yi Cui and Yuan Yang created the battery at Stanford and say they would like to talk to Steve Jobs about creating a transparent iPhone some day.

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