How do I add Safari bookmarks / webclips to the iPhone home screen?

Webclips are just bookmarks of a webpage that are contained in an icon on your iPhone home screen. You can create webclips of any site from the Safari app. To create a webclip:

1. Navigate to the website you wish to bookmark on the home screen.

2. Tap the plus button at the bottom of the screen.

3. Select Add to Home Screen.

The webclip icon will be created on your home screen with a thumbnail of the webpage, unless the webpage developer includes reference to a custom icon in the HTML code. Every time you touch the webclip icon, Safari will open and reload the site.

Custom WebClip icons on the iPhone or iPod Touch home screen

One of the new features added in the recently released iPhone firmware 1.1.3 (view a complete list of official feature additions in iPhone firmware 1.1.3) is WebClips, which allows iPhone or iPod touch users to create icons on their home screen which link directly to web sites. Clicking on the icon launches Safari and loads the web site each icon links to.

iphone ipod touch custom webclip icons

As it turns out, all WebClip icons are not created equal. Though the typical icon that shows up on your home screen when creating a WebClip is basically a picture of the web site the icon links to (zoomed in to the degree Safari was zoomed in when the webclip was created), this isn't always the case. Some websites, like Google's mobile web applications and iPhoneFAQ.org (pictured above) will display a custom icon.

Though the WebClip icon for our humble site is, at present, pretty plain and straightforward - from our perspective it's still leaps and bounds better than

How do I create an iPhone or iPod Touch WebClip icon for my website?

Apple's latest feature addition to the iPhone and iPod Touch allows users to create webclip icons on their home screen which link directly to web sites. When clicking on the webclip icon, Safari loads and heads directly to the website the icon links to.

In most cases, the icon that appears on the home screen is a picture of the website it links to. However, in some cases, the icon is something unique and is not simply a mini picture of the website. Many webmasters have been asking how to make a custom icon for their web site.

Here's how:

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