Does the iPhone have GPS support?

Does the iPhone have GPS support?

UPDATE: The officially announed second-generation iPhone 3G has built-in GPS. Check out the specs on the new 3G iPhone here.


The first release of the iPhone does not include GPS. It is possible that Apple may release an add-on hardware device that would offer GPS support to iPhone owners.

We expect the second coming of the iPhone to support GPS, as well as many other advanced features.


The french blog dedicated to iPhone ran a poll on more than 1000 visitors, asking them what is their prefered addition to an iPhone 2G ... the answer was at 46 % a GPS ... Seems there is a market ...
See poll results here :

After entering the market Apple will have to stay ahead and many thing will come with time. We still do not know all the feathers of the iphone so time will tell, One thing for sure Apple has a large steak in this and I do not think they will let thing slip.

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Many will thing with a feather on a large steak?!? What??


yes you can
the iPhone can be used with AT&T & T-MOBILE

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He is the dumbass. I've software hacked 4 iPhones for my buddies and the are all using T-MOBILE SIM cards. The iPhone is built on BDS and the good old BDS guys have been busy building apps for the iPhone.

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The only thing I need on my phone other than the ability to make phone calls and send text messages is GPS. I am thinking of buying the Voyager for this reason. I'd prefer the iPhone if it has GPS. I have no sense of direction geographically and I am sick of walking round in circles looking for addresses in a city I've lived in for years.