How can I fix my iPhone visual voicemail?

How can I fix my iPhone visual voicemail?

Some iPhone users may have noticed their visual voicemail stopped working after installing the 3.0 tethering hack. To check and see if you are not receiving your messages have someone leave you a message, then check voicemail manually.

To check voicemail dial your phone number directly from the iPhone. Press "1" to check messages. If you have voicemails waiting for you but no visual voicemail try this fix.

Navigate to your Settings. Touch Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.

The iPhone will reboot and your visual voicemail should return to normal. This process resets the .ipcc (carrier settings) file that was altered in the tethering hack. Turns out the tethering hack has a side effect of disabling visual voicemail in this file.


Tried all of the above too. Still not working!

None of the suggestions are working for me I've tried everything my voicemail just says sorry unavailable

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I tried for over 4 months to get my visual voicemail to work. I tried everything. Nothing worked until I went into my setting and then iCloud settings and turned "ON" my "backup" and instantly my visual voicemail started working!!!

Resetting network did not work for me, but going into the AT+T website and resetting the voicemail password DID.

I haven't received a voicemail in my visual voicemail on my iPhone for about two full years. I thought I had tried everything, all the resets hard and soft. Nothing and nothing worked to reset the voicemail. I went to the apple store, the Verizon store, called tech support, scrolled through pages of troubleshooting, FAQs and message boards. Tonight I sat down and wasn't going to stop until I fixed it or try getting a whole new phone. I was trying everything again when I looked through the options in settings under cellular data. My data is turned on but right beneath that button is the magic ticket (for me anyways): "cellular data options" Once their I found that somehow my LTE for data was on but not for voice! so I switched the LTE to "voice & data" which resolved the issue. Never saw this suggestions in all my time looking for an answer so I hope it helps.

You nailed it for me. My iPhone 7 on Verizon didn't have the "visual voicemail" only call in type of voicemail. I reset the network settings like stated in this thread, I talked to Verizon and Apple with no luck, I changed my voicemail password on Verizon's website, I changed my voicemail password on the phone itself in settings. And there you go. I went to Settings - Cellular - Cellular Data Options- and picked Enable LTE for both voice and data and 2 seconds later all my voicemails showed up in visual voicemail form on my screen.

Thanks Jessica!

I just fix my I phone 6 with the network reset.

For Virgin customers in the UK, since 26 August 2016, Virgin upgraded their own voicemail servers and these won't support iPhone visual voicemail. So resetting network settings won't fix it if Virgin is your mobile carrier. They tell me this will be the case for iOS10 as well.

I'm using an iPhone6 on iOS 9.3.5

Just to let anyone who is struggling with the visual voicemail not showing or playing. I contacted 02 guru online and they mentioned phoning 901 from device, and miraculously it was fixed!

My visual voicemail stopped working since I switched to iPone 7 (had iPhone 4).
Both Apple and AT&T say nothing wrong on their side. I basically tried all the suggestions/troubleshoot out there including the ones listed at this site. No success. I am still thinking, it is AT&T / network issue. I am on "GoPhone" plan, e.g. Prepaid monthly, renews every month. Appreciate suggestions.

I should also add that I am able to listen VM by pressing 1 and am able to reset my voicemail PIN the same way. However, I am unable to change voicemail password from iPhone 7. I get an error message that reads: Voice Mail Unavailable. Could not authorize access.

Thanks for the help - simple and effective fix.

I have been having the same issue for approximately 4 days on Iphone 6 with iOS 10.3. Here's what worked for me. Called at&t, said reset VM password, they sent me a text with new password. My voicemail was cleared. I then reset all network settings, then re-set up VM with new greeting and typed in the new password they sent me, then all my visual VMs appeared and I was able to access them.