invisibleSHIELD for iPhone 3G S Available Now

iWrapZAGG is offering the invisibleSHIELD to fully protect the exterior of your new iPhone 3G S immediately. When the invisibleSHIELD was launched in 2007 we featured an in-depth review of the invisibleSHIELD for the iPhone and found it to be the best product of its kind.

As a long term user of the product myself, I can say the invisibleSHIELD continues to deliver on all of its promises. I've been using a front coverage invisibleSHIELD on the touchscreen of my iPhone 3G.

Application takes only a few minutes. After the product sets, the touch screen has a comfortable, soft texture and is protected from any and all scratches. After almost eight months, my invisibleSHIELD hasn't peeled off, cracked or otherwise shown any damage whatsoever.

The invisibleSHIELD is a clear, virtually indestructible film with nano-memory technology to protect your iPhone 3G S from scratches, wear and tear. The material was originally developed to protect high-speed helicopter blades from dirt and debris.

zagg invisibleshield iphone 3GS 3G
The invisibleSHIELD is only 0.2 mm thick, making it the slimmest iPhone 3G S skin or cover of its kind. The product will not leave any residue or marks if removed, and ZAGG stands behind a lifetime warranty should the invisibleSHIELD ever scratch or wear.

For more information read our review of the invisibleSHIELD and visit the ZAGG website to purchase your invisibleSHIELD before the new iPhone 3G S is released on June 19th. Full body coverage is $24.95. For front or back coverage alone, prices are $14.95 and $18.95 respectively.


Isn't the 3G and 3G S same size? Then what is so special about the invisishield for 3G S?

The Invisible Shield is special because it works... if you like scratches then don't put it on your phone.

I think he meant what's the difference between the iShield for the G and GS if they're the same size.

There is no difference - it's a marketing ploy.

I have tried all the options, my Nokia N80 used to have Invisible Shield and needless to say it was expensive. The shipping costs around $10 each time I got a replacement and the initial cost was around $35-$40. I got a skin from BestSkinsEver when I bought my PSP and when I found out the shipping was going to cost me more than it would to get gadgetshieldz, I got that for my IPhone.

Having tested and used all three, I think IS charged a lot for their sophisticated packaging. The skins were not worth the amount I paid for them. BSE is cheap but the lack of shipping costs made gadgetshieldz the best option for me. It costs ~$7 to get a skin. Application is not hard since I already use shampoo at home, the solution they give you works in tandem with my old credit card and I do get a good finish on the device.

Thats just my opinion on the options.

I've tried gadgetshieldz and that works as well because its made of the same material as IS. But the price difference between the two is huge. I got my gadgetshieldz skin delivered at my doorstep for free...the whole thing cost me $7.49 in contrast with the amount Invisible Shield was costing me.

Too expensive and highly questionable warranty . They want credit card info to 'validate warranty' and cover shipping and handling, but, don't say how much it costs.