I accidentally deleted Cydia, how do I get it back?

I accidentally deleted Cydia, how do I get it back?

Cydia can be accidentally deleted from a jailbroken iOS device, which makes it more difficult to browse and install packages. Luckily in the event you find yourself without Cydia, there are several ways to reinstall the app. Choose one method from the following list to get Cydia back.

Cydia jailbreak app icon

1. Probably the method that will apply in most cases. Try reinstalling Cydia using redsn0w. You must download the latest version of redsn0w onto your computer from redsn0w.com and connect the iPhone using a USB cable. Run redsn0w once it's installed, and check the Install Cydia box. Click the Jailbreak button to install Cydia on your iOS device.

2. Do you have OpenSSH and APT installed on your iOS device? Cydia can be reinstalled with a command entered directly into iOS. SSH into your device from a computer on the same Wi-Fi network. At the command line, enter the command:

type apt-get install cydia [enter]
su mobile -c uicache [enter]

Cydia should now be reinstalled on your home screen.

3. Do you have iFile installed on your iOS device? Open mobile Safari and navigate to the following address:


Use the install option from iFile to load Cydia onto your iOS device. Any one of these three different methods should get Cydia back onto your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.



I Still dont have cydia after using the ifile one

Me too:(

Just reboot your iPad/iPhone. I did it that way too and after a reboot Cydia was on my home screen.

I have the cydia icon however it crashes every time I open it

I did the same and cydia is still not on my homescreen. Help me please

Its as easy as this!

1. go to settings-general-reset-erase all contents and settings (WARNING THIS WILL DELETE ALL CONTENT OFF DEVICE.

2. setup your device

3. go to your pc or mac and jailbreak your ipad from pangu program

hope this helps :)


i accidentally deleted cydia now when i open app the open but close immediately, what should i do ? help please i also cannot use safari it closes as well .

im so un happy.. i have tried all of these but which specific ifile app should i download and redsnow keeps saying that an unexpected error has occured someonme pleads3 help

Same thing happened to me

Would redsn0w process would work for ios 8.4? Since none of thos apps/tweaks were installed on my iphone 6 plus

So do any of these work with iOS 9.2? I tried the last one cause I don't have a computer available. I got the file into iFile but I couldn't do anything from there. Any help please??