Will the iPhone work in Europe, Asia, etc?

Will the iPhone work in Europe, Asia, etc?

Yes, the iPhone will work overseas, and not just in Europe and Asia. The iPhone is a GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) phone. GSM, which uses narrowband TDMA, was first introduced as a standard in 1991 and is now in place in over 100 countries.

Access to receive and place calls from outside the United States will require additional services from AT&T/Cingular, which you will need to arrange with them before your phone will operate in such a fashion, but the phone is perfectly capable for worldwide use.


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Will the iPhone work in the Philippines using either a Smart, Globe or Sun sim card? How much would an open-line unit cost if purchased without service?

I'll try and will sell you one. u like? email me warheader2001@yahoo

yes it works in the philippines unlocking it costs between 500 - 1500 depending on the situation of your iphone but if your asking about the iphone 4, i dont know about it, have read posts talking about iphone 4 bought from London seems to work only on globe sim in the philippines without unlocking but to but the side of the sim.

Hey! right now unlocked iPhone IS available in Iran...
Here is a report --> http://syavash.com/portal/users/siavash/blogs/the-first-unlocked-iphone-in-iran

Does the iphone work in India?

will the i-phone work in repubplic of georgia it's GSM service there

I have a Cingular SIM card and an O2 SIM card. Will I be able to use both in the iphone when I am traveling between UK and USA?

Hi guys...i have a question? I live in US but i'll go to Indonesia for travel, do u think iphone will work overthere?? Thanks