Unlock the iPhone Without Touching Anything

There's an ever-expanding list of ways to customize the iPhone unlock for jailbreakers. Users with iOS devices that are not equipped with Touch ID can find some of these mods incredibly useful. The latest addition to the list is a tweak called BlowToUnlock.

iOS 7 jailbreak BlowToUnlock

This unique method of unlocking the iPhone is similar to Balloonimals but not as fun. Instead of the descriptive term "useful," the word "novelty" is more appropriate for this tweak. The best part about BlowToUnlock is that the developer has released the package free of charge.

Access iOS Apps Faster with QuickFolders

Multiple taps are the norm when opening an iOS folder to find and run specific apps. With QuickFolders, those with jailbroken devices can streamline this process, and add new folder gestures to boot. Once installed, QuickFolders provides one touch access to folders and their contents.

iOS 7 jailbreak QuickFolders

Tapping once and holding will open a folder, and releasing over the desired app icon will open the app. All in one, smooth gesture without lifting a finger for multiple taps. Not only this, but for jailbreakers using nested iOS folders, multiple levels can be accessed with the same motion, never lifting your fingertip off the display.

Get iOS 8 Features Now: Spotlight Search

Smart Search brings iOS 8 inspired enahncements to Spotlight search on jailbroken iOS 7 devices. A range of different sources can be searched, with results leading directly to any relevant, installed apps. This greatly improves the speed and versatility of the stock iOS Spotlight.

iOS 7 jailbreak Smart Search

Once installed, a list of Plugins will be enabled under Settings -> Smart Search. These will correspond to available buttons within the Spotlight itself. Swipe down on the home screen to see these buttons, which will direct Smart Search to send the search term to the right place.

Access iOS Music Controls from Anywhere

Most iOS 7 users are probably satisfied with accessing music controls in the Control Center. For those looking for more features, Musiex can be installed on jailbroken devices. The tweak works in conjunction with Activator to provide track info and controls from anywhere.

iOS 7 jailbreak Musiex

Once installed, an Activator action can be assigned to Musiex, which will bring up a panel at the top of any screen. The panel appears in the same place as incoming notifications, and provides current track information including album art.

Apple Reportedly Set to Announce the iPhone 6 on September 9th

Apple has reportedly scheduled a press event for September 9, 2014, according to John Paczkowski of re/code. The focus of the event is expected to be Apple's next-generation iPhone, although it is still unclear if Tim Cook and company will be announcing two new models or one. Recent rumors have suggested that Apple plans to launch 4.7- and 5.5-inch models of its new handset this fall, but nothing has been officially confirmed.

iPhone 6

A September 9 event coincides with an earlier 9to5Mac report which claimed Apple was “tentatively planning a keynote address in mid-September". Tuesday is also typically the day of the week Apple prefers to unveil new hardware.


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