iPhone Tweak Launches Apps When Headphones are Plugged In

Talk about convenience. A new jailbreak tweak called HeadphoneLauncher automatically brings up a media dock when the headphones are plugged in. The tweak can be configured using settings to provide access to multiple apps directly from the lock screen.

HeadphoneLauncher tweak Cydia

You can decide exactly which apps you want to appear in the lock screen launcher after the headphones are plugged in. Once the tweak detects the presence of headphones, these app icons pop up along with standard media controls (play, pause, etc).

Apple Patent Reveals iOS App Authoring Tools

Some iOS users have great app ideas, but maybe they're just not very good at programming. Apple could be seeking to broaden app development opportunities to people without typical developer skills if a patent revealed by AppleInsider means anything.

App Store Icon Apple software

Apple has already released the iBooks Author software package to help streamline the process of publishing ebooks. Although there are already services that help build iOS apps, nothing would compare to a software package from Apple dedicated to the process. Drawings from the patent application show a variety of graphic interfaces that could be used to make apps.

Lonely Planet Country Guides Now Available on iPhone

Lonely Planet Travel Guides are no strangers to the iOS App Store. Now travelers have even more options, with the launch of six country guides to complement the already-popular city guides. Visitors to Australia, Italy, France, Spain, Costa Rica and Ireland can now grab a comprehensive guide for $9.99.

Lonely Planet Guide app iOS

If you're already carrying an iPhone or iPod touch, this option makes it unnecessary to carry guide books and adds features that take advantage of your smartphone. GPS tracking linked with offline maps are provided for the entire country right down to individual neighborhoods.

Apple Asks iPhone Owners for Security Info on Home Screen

Apple has started to prompt iOS users to enter security questions in an effort to increase security for Apple ID accounts. The dialog box that pops up on the home screen may look suspicious, but the process is legit. The box reads "Security Info Required" and explains that a password confirmation is necessary.

iOS security questions iPhone

If you see the pop up, don't be alarmed, simply tap the Security Info button to make sure that Apple doesn't bother you again. This will forward you over to a Security Info screen, where you'll need to enter three separate security questions with answers.

Pebble Watch Connects to iPhone and Has its Own Apps

An exciting new project is being funded on Kickstarter, to the tune of $1 million in just 28 hours. The Pebble smartwatch links up with your iPhone and can be fully configured to run a variety of apps. Aside from customizing the e-paper watch face, Pebble owners will be able to receive information on their wrist without ever pulling out the iPhone.

Pebble watch iOS bluetooth

Pebble will notify the user of incoming calls, emails, calendar alerts, Facebook messages, Tweets, and Weather alerts for starters. To clear a notification from the watch, simply shake your wrist thanks to the built-in accelerometer. Pebble includes a silent vibrating alarm as well.

Apple Working on Improvements for iTunes 11

Development for iTunes 11 is well underway at Apple, and details of an internally seeded version of the upcoming software have been revealed by 9to5 Mac. Apple plans to further integrate iCloud controls into the interface of iTunes 11.

iTunes 11 preview

Other changes focus on the inner workings of the software, not necessarily cosmetic changes. One of the highlights includes modifications for iOS 6 compatibility. Sources at 9to5 Mac claim that Apple is likely to release another 10.x version to add iOS 6 compatibility for new devices (such as the next iPhone) before releasing iTunes 11.

Cydia Updates: Protect Your Jailbreak With Reset Killer

Jailbreakers get nervous going anywhere near their Settings app when there is an iOS update that will block their jailbreak exploit. The free Cydia tweak ResetAllKiller aims to give jailbreakers a little peace of mind by disabling the "reset all" buttons in the Reset panel. It may be a little paranoid, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

iPhone Tweaks

ResetAllKiller is free in the BigBoss repo. It's compatible with iOS 4 and 5.

Department of Justice to Sue Apple Over Fixed eBook Prices

UPDATE: The U.S. has officially filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple as well as publishers Hachette SA, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin and Simon & Schuster. - via Bloomberg

UPDATE 2: The Department of Justice has released a PDF of their complaint. It's a really interesting read!

The Department of Justice plans to launch an antitrust lawsuit against Apple and five major publishers for alleged price-fixing. In March the The Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. Justice Department warned Apple and the publishers that it planned to sue them for raising the price of electronic books. The Justice Department believes that Apple violated federal antitrust laws by jointly raising the prices with the five publishers.

Apple iPad iBooks

"The Justice Department is investigating alleged price-fixing by Apple and five major publishers: CBS Corp’s Simon & Schuster Inc, HarperCollins Publishers Inc, Lagardere SCA’s Hachette Book Group, Pearson and Macmillan, a unit of Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH. A lawsuit against Apple, one of the parties not in negotiations with the Justice Department for a potential settlement, could come as early as Wednesday but no final decision has been made, the people said."

Waterproof iPhone Case Protects Against Snow, Rain and Sand

Looking to use your iPhone in a harsh environment without damaging sensitive internal parts? Now with the Concord Keystone ECO MarineCase you can safely bring your iPhone underwater without sacrificing full functionality. The case is designed to protect an iPhone 4 or 4S in up to 20 feet of water.

Keystone Marine ECO iPhone case

Whether it's dust, sand, snow or rain threatening your iPhone, the MarineCase keeps the device safely protected inside with secure locking design. With a rating of IP58 you never have to worry about using the iPhone while on the beach, fishing, swimming, kayaking or any other activities close to the water.

Use Custom Gestures to Unlock Your Jailbroken iPhone

App Store developer Adam Bell has released a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to customize the way you unlock your iPhone. Stride replaces your password screen with a customizable gesture system allowing you to do away with lengthy passwords. Or it can double as an extra security measure by allowing you to use a gesture and password to access your iPhone.

iPhone Cydia Tweak

"Even though Stride is pretty secure on it's own, for best effect you should set a PIN/Passcode to make things extra secure," Bell explained on Cydia. The PIN unlock will appear after you draw your customized gesture, or you can bypass the PIN code in the Stride preference panel. Stride is available in the Big Boss repo for $2.99. It's compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch, but not the iPad. Stride requires iOS 5 or higher and a jailbroken device to work.


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