TomTom iPhone GPS Kit Now Available

The day has finally come for fans of the TomTom iPhone car accessory. The device, which acts as a dock for your iPhone can be ordered through the Apple Store. Unfortunately the product will not ship for another 2-3 weeks.

iphone gps software

For a price of $119.95 and free shipping, the TomTom car kit will provide an external speaker for turn-by-turn GPS navigation. It plugs into the car with a cigarette lighter adaptor to provide power to the iPhone.

3.2 Million iPhones: AT&T Has Biggest iPhone Quarter Yet

AT&T has reported their best and biggest quarter of iPhone activations to date, with 3.2 million iPhones activated in the third quarter of 2009. Shares of AT&T jumped following the initial release of the news, but have since declined, despite AT&T reporting better-than-expected per share earnings.

AT&T has wagered heavily on its relationship with Apple and the iPhone, and it has paid off. Many analysts site the iPhone as the single biggest reason for the telecom giant's continued strength in a down turned economy.

iPhone Update 3.1.2... No Battery Fix?

Ready to download 306 megabytes of Apple iPhone update? If you're looking for a fix for your outrageous 3.1 battery drain then keep looking.

Apple has released 3.1.2 firmware (skipping 3.1.1 altogether) but the bug fixes they have included might not help everyone. The most significant problem that 3.1.2 fixes is the so-called "coma" or "zombie" bug, where an iPhone refuses to wake from sleep.

iTwinge When I See This iPhone Accessory

Question: When is an iPhone like a BlackBerry? Answer: NEVER. Sliding a physical keyboard out of your pocket and onto the iPhone to type won't cut it if you actually need real keys. Switch to Verizon and get the RIM phone already.

iphone physical keyboard

Regardless, you should run out and buy this product for $29.99 when it ships on November 19th. It's going to be a collector's item in the museum of "Can you believe someone actually thought this was a good enough idea to put into production?"

iPhone Rage Drives Man to Brink

Threatening to shoot your iPhone with a 9mm handgun in public could be funny. Immediately showing the Genius Bar employee the piece you have tucked into your belt -- not so much.

iphone rage

A man with a concealed firearm permit in Cincinnati, Ohio did just that. The police were not amused when they arrived and the man failed to tell them he was in possession of a handgun, legal or not.

PwnageTool 3.1.3 Jailbreaks iPhone 3GS With Firmware 3.1

The latest and greatest jailbreak tool has been released and it supports iPhone OS 3.1 on the 3GS hardware. Before you get too excited, keep in mind it will only work if you've already jailbroken your iPhone 3GS when it was running 3.0 or 3.0.1 firmware.

Turns out if you've installed an update directly from Apple using iTunes on your iPhone 3GS or the device came pre-installed with firmware 3.1 then you're out of luck. PwnageTool 3.1.3 is only available on the Mac platform. Dev-Team has stated it has no intention of developing a windows version of this particular tool.

Zipcar iPhone App Does Everything But Drive

Car sharing using your iPhone has never been easier. The free Zipcar iPhone application has a multitude of features that make finding and renting a car incredibly convenient. There's even a virtual key fob.

iphone zipcar app

Yes, you can lock and unlock the car and even set off the panic alarm using your iPhone. All you need to do first is scan your Zipcard when the car reservation begins.

iPhone Attaches to Anything With Flexible Tripod

The name of the product is appropriate. Joby's latest Gorillamobile flexible tripod is designed to bend around anything, making your iPhone into a hands-free device instantly. With 24 individual 360 degree leg joints, flexible could be an understatement.

iphone tripod joby

The legs can be straightened to form a normal miniature tripod. What the leg joints make possible are a wide range of positions that are capable of attaching your iPhone to a bike handlebar or a signpost. Just wrap the legs around it and Gorillamobile will hold in place with rubber pads.

Did Apple Buy Placebase to Replace Google Maps?

Apple is scooping up new talent left and right these days. After purchasing PA Semi to help them design their own microprocessors, Apple has bought the mapping outfit Placebase. Could this signal a further divide between Google and Apple?

Google provided the data and helped develop the Maps iPhone application from the very beginning. Now Jaron Waldman, founder and former CEO of Placebase, is a member of the Apple Geo Team.

Will the Apple Tablet be a Jumbo iPod Touch?

So much for the Apple touch pad / HD video movie / Cocktail music media / netbook killer / iPad tablet running Snow Leopard. The latest "scoop" from an "insider" points to a device more focused on movies, music and email than actual computing. iPhone OS anyone?

apple touch tablet

According to a "tip" from a "reliable source" the new Apple device is scheduled to be announced in January and will hit store shelves a few months later. Retail price? Could be too expensive for a glorified iPod Touch.

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