Apple Sued Over iPhone 4 Glass Breakage

Apple's lawyers now have another fly to swat after a California man stepped up with a class action lawsuit over the iPhone 4's glass. According to Apple, the glass found on the iPhone 4 is "20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic." Apparently none of this matters when you drop the device on the ground from three feet up.

apple iphone 4 broken glass lawsuit

The plaintiff claims his daughter dropped his three-week old iPhone 4 from that height and the thing busted. In the lawsuit, he claims that "months after selling millions of iPhone 4s, Apple has failed to warn and continues to sell this product with no warning to customers that the glass housing is defective." His iPhone 3GS survived several similar incidents with no damage, so in his mind, the iPhone 4 should, too.

iFusion SmartStation Makes iPhone a Desk Phone

The iPhone has many advantages over standard office phones, but one of them isn't comfort. Spending a large portion of your work day on the phone requires a decent desk phone that can be easily held. For those looking to integrate their iPhone with an office phone, AltiGen Communications showed off their iFusion SmartStation at the Macworld Expo.

ifusion iphone desk phone dock

The dock comes in white or black and instantly converts your iPhone into a standard desk phone. With a built-in USB cable the iPhone can be charged and synced while docked. Bluetooth connects the iPhone and with A2DP streaming iPhone music can be played using the SmartStation speaker.

AT&T Quietly Reinstating iPhone Unlimited Data Plans

AT&T Mobility made big news in June last year when it abolished its unlimited data plans once and for all. Or did they? Current iPhone customers who have not signed a new contract still have unlimited data, and now the AP reports there's hope for the rest. iPhone subscribers who have switched from an unlimited data plan to a tiered one can contact AT&T and have their old data plan reinstated.

att iphone get unlimited data back again

The move is not being actively publicized by AT&T, nor will the company confirm the activity. iPhone users report that a quick phone call was all it took to get unlimited data back if they had it before. To reinstate your unlimited data plan call 1-800-331-0500 or dial 611 directly from your iPhone.

Verizon to Offer $30 Unlimited iPhone Data Plan, For Now

Speculation that Verizon would offer new iPhone owners an unlimited data plan has been confirmed. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Verizon's COO, Lowell McAdam, has confirmed Verizon's plan to offer iPhone customers unlimited data for $30 per month. McAdam stated plainly that he wasn't going to "shoot [himself] in the foot" by putting up a roadblock to customers wanting to switch from AT&T. This was reported a few weeks ago, as well but has only now been officially confirmed by Verizon.

verizon iphone stuff you need to know verizon iphone faq

Verizon Network Problems Spark iPhone Launch Concerns

Verizon Wireless leans heavily on its reputation as the most dependable network in the US. The company is betting this reputation that it will flawlessly launch millions of iPhones onto its airwaves without any of the snafus that faced AT&T. Some are starting to wonder if Verizon is really as bulletproof as it seems.

apple iphone verizon cdma wireless network data fail

Various reports from around the country have cited network problems of various stripes affecting Verizon for hours, even days in the case of some BlackBerry owners. The company is aware of the problems and is working on correcting them, but the news comes at an awkward time for America's largest cellular carrier.

iPhone 5: Complete Redesign Starts Production in May

Well the iPhone 5 rumor mill is in full swing, and reports are backing up claims that Apple's next generation device will come this summer with significant changes. Apple has already shifted some of its parts suppliers from Japanese companies to Taiwanese manufacturers Foxconn and Foxlink. This will likely lower manufacturing expenses for Apple, although it's not clear if the move will result in lower prices for consumers.

apple iphone 5 next generation concept designed by item

iPhone App Store Tops 10 Billion Downloads

Apple's iOS App Store just keeps getting bigger. The unstoppable torrent of mobile apps available via iTunes has soared to more than 350,000 titles, with 60,000 of these specific to the iPad. Apps are divided amongst 20 different categories and available for download in 90 countries worldwide.

apple iphone app store 10 billion downloads

The App Store just surpassed 10 billion individual software downloads since its initial launch in July 2008. In fact, this amounts to a whopping 18 million average downloads every day the App Store has been in operation. Assuming there are roughly 160 million iOS users, each iPhone, iPad or iPod touch owner has acquired an average of 62 apps for their device.

More Proof of iPhone 5 Qualcomm Baseband

Italian hacker Zibri has published a code snippet on his blog that points to a Qualcomm-sourced baseband chip in the next generation iPhone. The code in question showed up in iTunes, and hints that Qualcomm will replace Infineon as the source for iPhone 5 baseband chips.

apple iphone itunes qualcomm baseband

Of course, Qualcomm is the originator of CDMA technology, and this code may just be in place for the Verizon CDMA iPhone. Zibri believes this is not the case, and several other sources have made it clear that Apple may be making the move to Qualcomm basebands across its mobile product line.

Apple Swaps iPhone 4 Screws to Limit Repairs / Mods

Looking forward to swapping out parts on your iPhone to make it white? How about replacing that weak battery? Better check the bottom screws on either side of the dock connector port first. According to iFixit, Apple has been shipping recently manufactured iPhone 4 units with Pentalobe screws.

apple iphone pentalobular screw ifixit

This head design is similar to a Torx screw, however the Pentalobe has five rounded lobes. Pentalobe drivers are not commercially available, which makes the screws more difficult to remove. That is, unless you're an Apple authorized repair outfit.

White iPhone Release Could Happen February 27

Leaked screenshots of Best Buy inventory listings indicate that the long-awaited white iPhone 4 could finally be making its way to consumers. The images show 16 and 32 GB white iPhone 4 models with in-stock dates of February 27, 2011.

apple white iphone release Best Buy february 2011

SKU and model numbers on the listings match those previously used by Best Buy when it was taking pre-orders for the white iPhone 4. Apple then scuttled the white model launch amid production difficulties.

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