iPhone Calling Issues? Report Them to AT&T

The exclusive US carrier for Apple's iPhone has released an application devoted to reporting problems with their network. AT&T will even send a free SMS to confirm receipt of your feedback.

iphone app problem report

The exact latitude and longitude of the occurrence along with specifics of the problem are sent directly from the application. The main menu offers options including Dropped Call, Failed Call, No Coverage, Data Failure and Poor Voice Quality.

Fake Reviews Found on iPhone AppStore

Apple has removed over 1,000 apps developed by Molinker after a flood of fake five-star reviews for their products were discovered in the AppStore. Incredibly, the fraudulently rated apps made up one percent of all available iPhone applications.

An individual going by the handle SCW on blog iPhoneography revealed the scam in a letter to Phil Schiller, Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing. Not only were the reviews in question poorly written, an overwhelming majority of the reviewers only entered feedback on Molinker's software.

iPhones Are Weak Frou-Frou and Clueless

Should a phone be pretty? At least the ad whiz who came up with the latest Droid spot embraces the clunky, awkward design they are stuck promoting. "It's not a princess, it's a robot."

iPhone on display

Now that the Droid "does" it also smashes televisions, duct tapes racehorses to missiles, tears through metal and busts through cinderblock walls. Do I smell desperation?

AT&T Ranked Last in Consumer Reports Survey

This may come as no surprise to iPhone owners: AT&T ranks last out of the four major service carriers when it comes to customer satisfaction. Consumer Reports surveyed 50,000 wireless subscribers in 26 cities for the annual report.

Video Calling Comes to iPhone

Many had speculated that the iPhone 3GS would have a front-facing camera and feature video calling, however this did not come to fruition. Now fring has released the first-ever video calling application for the iPhone.

Fring works with Google Talk, Skype, Facebook and AIM and has supported VoiP communications since the beginning. Version 3.0 with video chat support works with any iPhone running firmware 3.0 or later.

Personal Data Compromised by iPhone Worm

Jailbroken iPhones have been attacked again. iBotnet.A is the latest in a string of attacks to exploit the root password common to iPhones running SSH. The only way to insure security (besides NOT jailbreaking your iPhone) is to change your root password.

iBotnet.A (also known as Ikee.B or the "Duh" virus) spreads from iPhone to iPhone across the network sending personal data to a server located in Lithuania. Address ranges from service providers in Portugal, Hungary, Australia and the Netherlands have been targeted.

How to Guarantee Your iPhone App is Rejected

Looking for a sure bet that Apple will reject your iPhone application? Try developing an app that does nothing but promote an iPhone competitor.

iphone app rejection

Swavv Apps entry in this category was called iDroid. Run the app and touch the "droid eye" photo in the center of the screen and iDroid will show you what your the iPhone is missing.

Analyst: T-Mobile iPhone in 2010

Speculation has been rampant over a Verizon Wireless iPhone, however a simpler path for Apple to expand its iPhone market would be to offer the device to T-Mobile. Doug Reid, an analyst at Thomas Weisel, sees this move as a logical step.

Apple already offers the iPhone through Germany's T-Mobile unit (T-Mobile is owned by Deutsche Telekom). The carrier has compatible wireless technology to AT&T and wouldn't require any hardware changes to the iPhone, unlike any move to Verizon Wireless.

Your iPhone Multitasks In Style With Multifl0w

iPhone jailbreakers may be familiar with the Backgrounder app, which allows running applications to continue running in the background. Up until now a task switcher such as Kirikae made it possible to switch between running apps.

iphone app mulitasking

Enter Multifl0w, a polished task switcher that works as if Apple itself had allowed and implemented multitasking. The slick interface shows previews of each running app and smoothly switches between everything running in the background.

Qualcomm Wants the Verizon iPhone

Qualcomm is talking to Apple about its new hybrid mobile chipsets going into future iPhones. These chips would make it possible for one iPhone to work on several different carriers, including Verizon and AT&T.

The chips are not expected to make it into the summer 2010 iPhone release, as they are too new to have been properly field tested. DigiTimes is reporting that Qualcomm is looking for a deal with Apple for "future cooperation".

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