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Apple's Nano-SIM Design Standard Approved

The SIM card in your iPhone is about to get smaller. The nano-SIM standard was just approved by the European Telecommunications Institute (ETSI), shaving 40 percent off the size of current micro-SIM cards. The new standard will increase the amount of space available in mobile devices for other components.

nano SIM card

Apple's proposed nano-SIM card is pictured above from The Verge, inside the outline of a standard SIM card. The nano-SIM that was approved has the same dimensions as Apple's proposed card, coming in at just 12.3 x 8.8 x 0.67mm. The function of the SIM card will remain unchanged, and the new design can be packaged for backwards compatibility in older devices.

iPhone 5 Plans Verify Larger Screen Size

More evidence has surfaced pointing to an increased display size on the next generation Apple iPhone. After the recent appearance of iPhone 5 chassis parts revealing a taller profile and metal back, the leaked plans below appear to verify the new design.

iPhone 5 leaked plans

9to5Mac observes that the FaceTime camera has been moved to a location above the earpiece. The opening for the display is just slightly larger than four inches diagonally, making the area correctly sized for a 4-inch diagonal display with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Flexible 'Yoga' iPhone 5? Not So Fast

Could bending and twisting iPhones be coming to consumers in 2012? Not likely, however a report in Korea Times has industry watchers talking about flexible screen technology anyway. Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun told the publication his company is getting ``huge’’ orders for its line of flexible OLED displays.

flexible iPhone screen OLED

When it comes to component manufacturers getting huge orders for their products, Apple immediately comes to mind as a likely buyer. Apple has been one of Samsung's largest customers for mobile displays despite their competition in the smartphone market and raging patent battles.

Sprint Offers $100 iPhone Trade-In for New Customers

Looking for a new iPhone 4S with an unlimited data plan? Sprint is hoping to lure customers with older iPhones from rivals Verizon and AT&T, both companies that have ceased offering unlimited data plans to their iPhone customers.

Sprint iPhone trade-in

Now you can bring any iPhone from another carrier to Sprint and get $100 credit towards your new iPhone 4S with a two year contract. Sprint has said it will keep offering an unlimited data plan even if the next generation iPhone is released with 4G LTE speeds.

Next Generation iPhone Parts Suggest Redesign

Another day and another iPhone 5 part leaks out from the supply chain. The component has been listed at SW-Box.com as a combination earphone jack, ear speaker and Wi-Fi cable for iPhone 5. Although the part is priced at $7.71 the item is marked out of stock at the moment.

iPhone 5 parts leaked

So what does the latest part tell us about the next generation iPhone? As MacRumors points out, the arrangement of the components is significantly different from the current iPhone 4S configuration. While the new part combines the three functions listed above, the current version groups the volume buttons, mute switch and earphone jack together.


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