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iPhone 4S Coming in July to Include 8MP Camera, No SIM Card

Macotakara brought news of the iPhone 5 having a curved aluminum back to the table (mockup below), now they report that Apple's next smartphone will be a variation on the iPhone 4 design, possibly named the iPhone 4S. According to sources, this device will launch in late July to early August and keep the familiar iPhone 4 form factor while packing upgraded hardware inside.

apple iphone 5 rendering aluminum back

One major change will be an integrated SIM, saving space and dropping the need for a removable SIM card as in current devices. The iPhone 4S will also include several antennas and a Qualcomm hybrid chip that will allow the device to activate on either the Verizon or AT&T network.

Apple Files and Dismisses Lawsuit Against iPhone Parts Seller

A teenager and his parents earned $130,000 selling white iPhone 4 kits, but they have also earned the privilege of being sued by Apple. The company filed a complaint against the owners of WhiteiPhone4Now.com for selling unauthorized conversion kits including leaked parts from the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, China.

white iphone now parts online

The site went down after Apple sent them a letter to cease and desist operations at the beginning of December 2010. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is one high-profile customer of the site who converted his own iPhone 4 to white using one of the bootleg parts kits. Apple filed a voluntary dismissal in court at the same time it filed the complaint.

iPhone 5 Glass Screen will be Larger AND Curved?

A curved front glass screen could be on its way to the fifth generation Apple iPhone. Sources in the component supply chain tell Taiwanese tech paper DigiTimes that Apple has purchased 200-300 glass cutting machines and is storing them at assembly plants for future use. Apple has been working with touch sensor and cover glass manufacturers, glass cutters and lamination suppliers to improve yield rates.

iPod nano fourth generation curved screen

According to the report, the new machines will be used when manufacturing is up to speed. Apple purchased the machines because they are an expensive investment for cover glass makers. Industry sources claim Apple is working on a curved cover glass for the next iPhone model that will utilize the equipment. These investments will ramp up production and make the curved glass possible at an unspecified date in the near future.

Verizon Spills the Beans on iPhone 5 Plans

Despite the rampant rumors surrounding the next generation iPhone, thanks to Verizon Wireless at least two points of speculation have been cleared up. Thanks to an interview of the Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo by Reuters, hardware and data plan details for the iPhone 5 have been divulged. First the hardware: it's widely known that the Verizon iPhone 4 already has a hybrid wireless modem installed, making it possible to connect to GSM or CDMA networks.

Verizon Wireless iPhone 5 global phone

Currently the chip is locked into CDMA mode for the Verizon network and can't be used on GSM networks in the US or overseas. In contrast, the AT&T model iPhone 4 has only a GSM modem. Shammo explained that Apple's next hardware release would take place on both carriers simultaneously, indicating that the hybrid chip would be installed and activated for use on both network technologies.

Trade-In Your Used iPhone for an Amazon Gift Card

Amazon has launched its Electronics Trade-In Store and used iPhones are highlighted with special deals already taking place. Currently a 16 GB iPhone 3GS in black or white is fetching $235 in like new condition. The process is simple, with free shipping on your used items and the gift card amount deposited directly into your Amazon account.

amazon gift card electronics trade in

Now that electronics are on the list of trade-in items at Amazon, other Apple products are showing up in the eligible device list. An original iPhone (2G) can be traded in for up to $86 and specific iPod classic, nano and touch models are all on the list.

iPhone 3GS Sells Faster Than New Android Phones

Most of the time when you hear about Apple and Google battling each other for smartphone sales the iPhone 4 gets compared to the latest and greatest Android device. Some forget that Apple continues to sell the previous model iPhone 3GS on AT&T Mobility at a cut-rate price of only $49 with contract. Turns out that consumers continue to snatch up the iPhone 3GS.

apple iphone 3GS back white black

Let's face it, the iPhone 4 is nice for many reasons, but if you're new to smartphones, Apple products in general, or you're upgrading from an even older iPhone, the 3GS covers many bases. Video recording, Voice Control and the latest Apple mobile operating system are all included. Did we mention the 3GS costs only $49 with a two-year contract?

AT&T Rep Adds Fuel to iPhone 5 Delay Rumors

Evidence of a delay in the normal summer iPhone launch schedule continues to surface, pointing to a possible fall release for the iPhone 5. Apple is silent on the issue, however according to a report from news site MacRumors, AT&T is not expecting a new model in June or July. The information comes via a MacRumors reader who phoned AT&T to ask why his upgrade eligibility date had been moved back five months.

Apple WWDC 2011 iPhone 5 delay

The responding customer service representative explained with this statement, "Apple has informed us that they do not plan to release the iPhone in the June to July timeframe, though there will be a newer version in the future. Unfortunately, we have not been given a release time for the new phone." The rep continued by explaining that the release date for the iPhone 5 would be posed on the AT&T website as soon as they were informed of the date.

Will Intel Manufacture iPhone 6, iPad 3 Processors?

Intel already manufactures x86 processors for Apple's desktop computers, and now the company may be taking a closer look at mobile ARM chips like the Apple-designed silicon featured in current model iPads and iPhones. According to the EE Times, Intel is courting Apple with the intent of manufacturing processors for future generations of Apple mobile hardware.

apple iphone ipad processor A4 Intel

Currently the A5 processor is manufactured by Samsung, however this is already slated to change. On the horizon is chip maker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), who has already signed a deal with Apple to take over the foundry relationship. TSMC could begin getting revenue from Apple business before the end of 2011.

Apple's Official White iPhone 4 Specs are Accurate

There's been much ado over nothing when it comes to differences between the white and black iPhone 4 lately. The most hyped involves an alleged increase in depth on the white model, listed in Apple's official specifications as 0.37 inches (9.3 mm). The depth, otherwise known as thickness from front to back, was widely reported to be 0.2 mm thicker than the black iPhone 4.

horizontal white iphone 4 profile

Apple has been criticized for not indicating the difference in its technical specifications, and users everywhere are fretting that iPhone 4 cases won't fit the white model properly. The only problem is that the difference in thickness is an illusion. Consumer Reports never shies away from an Apple controversy, and they promptly put the white iPhone 4 through rigorous testing with high-quality calipers.

White and Black iPhone 4: What are the Differences?

Believe it or not, there are differences between the black and white iPhone 4 besides just color. Many have been waiting for Apple to finally launch this device in white after a 10-month delay. Now that the hardware is available, we can get a better idea of exactly what makes the hardware different in the two models. Apple has made some changes to make sure the white iPhone 4 functions the same as the black version.

white iPhone 4 teardown differences hardware

The photo above, highlighted by AppleInsider clearly shows a modification to the camera sensor. The right camera, from the white iPhone 4, is recessed further back than the black one on the left. Although the sensors are the same, this difference in distance on the white iPhone 4 camera lens looks to be a compensation for additional light passing through the back of the device.


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