Why are Safari / Camera icons missing on my iPhone?

Why are Safari / Camera icons missing on my iPhone?

So you've noticed that your Safari or Camera icons are suddenly missing from the iPhone home screen. You've checked all the screens and the apps are completely gone. They are pre-installed system apps, so you didn't accidentally delete them. Corporate users, it's time to check with your Exchange Server administrator.

When your iPhone is configured to use an Exchange account, the administrator has options to disallow use of Safari and/or the Camera. Whether they do this intentionally or not is another matter. If your company adopts a policy that Camera and Safari apps are not welcome on the iPhone, they you may be out of luck.

It's also possible your administrator inadvertently clicked the button disabling Camera and Safari apps for everyone in your company using an Exchange account. After your IT department restores Camera and Safari on their end, the icons may appear on your iPhone automatically.

If they don't reappear after a few hours, you may need to delete the Exchange account from your iPhone and reconnect from scratch.


If Safari is all of a sudden missing from your iPhone, do a spotlight search ... the search that searches everything on your phone. To do the spotlight search pull down from the middle of the screen and you will see the input area. Put "Safari" there and if it is on your phone it will show you where it is. It may (for who knows what reason) be in an app folder where you have put several apps together in a folder. It will tell you the name of the folder. Open it and slide Safari out of the folder and put it where you want it.

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