How do I silence the iPhone ringer / enter vibrate mode?

How do I silence the iPhone ringer / enter vibrate mode?

Ring silent button Apple iPhone

The iPhone can be silenced with one switch. The upper left hand corner of the iPhone has two volume buttons and a sliding switch. This sliding switch is the ring/silent switch. To place the iPhone in vibrate mode and silence the call ringer flip the ring/silent switch down so that a bright orange color appears. The iPhone is now in silent mode.

Vibration can be turned off when in silent mode. To turn off vibration, navigate to Settings -> Sounds & Haptics -> Vibrate on Silent -> OFF (grey slider)


This doesn't work with my IPhone 5s, updated to IOS 8.1. I was able to fix it by switching off "Lock Sounds" (under Settings, Sounds), but that fix lasted for about a week. Now there is nothing I can do once the text alert starts sounding, to mute it. The alert has to finish by itself. Any ideas?

I set my 'text tone' to Swish which is fairly unobtrusive. Its duration is one tone, not repeated.

This doesn't silence alarms!!!!

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