Apple Slaps Down iPhone Release Day Rulebook: 2 per customer

iphone712.jpgThe long awaited Apple iPhone goes on sale tomorrow. As previously announced, all retail outlets (both Apple stores and AT&T stores) will be closing during the day and reopening to sell the iPhone at 6pm local time. Apple's online store won't be selling the phone until 6pm PDT. A new press release by Apple today laid out all the rules for buying an iPhone at an Apple retail store.

The full set gameday rules are as follows:

- "bricks and mortar" retail sales starts at 6pm local time
- Apple online store sales start at 6pm PDT
- first come, first serve basis
- all 164 Apple retail stores will be open until midnight local time
- limit of 2 iPhones per person

Apple will also be starting live, in-depth iPhone workshops in retail stores beginning on Saturday, June 30th. According to Apple Senior VP of Retail, Ron Johnson

"Apple retail stores were created for this moment—to let customers touch and experience a revolutionary new product. With our legendary Genius Bar support, free workshops and our One to One personal training, we’re here to help customers get the most from their new iPhone.”

Last but not least, Apple has updated their website to include a handy tool that will let you check availability of the iPhone at Apple retail stores in your area before heading out the door or trying to get someone on a constantly busy phone line. You can find it here.

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Darn, I wanted to buy 5. :)