Buying an Apple iPhone Online? You might be waiting a month.

As pretty much everyone residing in the US and still breathing is already aware, the Apple iPhone went on sale nationwide today. Apple and AT&T retail stores across the country sported long lines of anxious iPhone hopefuls. As 6pm rolled around, many people who had waited in line for very long periods of time started walking out with iPhones in hand, and smiles on faces.

Unfortunately, the same fate will not befall those who opted to avoid the long lines at stores and take their chances with the online option. Those patient souls who decided they could wait a few more days while their iPhone shipped are now finding out they're going to have to be significantly more patient than they may have hoped.

iPhones were scheduled to go on sale at 6pm PDT (9pm EDT) via Apple's online store. After a downtime period of approximately 3 hours, the online store resurfaced, only not offering the purchase options most had hoped for. Both the 4GB and 8GB models of the Apple iPhone are available for immediate purchase via Apple's online store, but Apple is estimating shipping times of 2-4 weeks. This means those who have decided to avoid the release day fiasco at Apple and AT&T stores today may have to wait over a month to receive their iPhone if retail stock is unavailable after today.

There's no indication on how many iPhones will be available nationwide after the release day frenzy ends. For those who were counting on quick shipping from the online store, let's hope there's going to be plenty.



Wow. Glad I wasn't counting on that.

I wasn't expecting this. Hopefully they're just dumping everything into retail.

They will be shipped in the order in which they were purchased. The closer to 6pm PDT you placed your online order the sooner it ships. The word on the street is they have plenty and will not disappoint their customers. The iPhone is terribly SICK !!.., you'll see.