Does the iPhone 4S support 4G / LTE?

Does the iPhone 4S support 4G / LTE?

Some individuals are mistaking the "4S" as an indication that the new, speedier iPhone supports the LTE standard, more commonly known as 4G. This is not the case. The new iPhone supports HSPA+ at 14.4Mbps, a speed boost of data connection speeds that will be available only to owners using the iPhone on the AT&T network.

The iPhone 4S does not support LTE. Most likely, Apple plans to release an LTE version of the iPhone as the iPhone 5, once LTE networks offer more coverage throughout the country and also once a more diminutive, affordable LTE chipset becomes available.


Check update iOS 6.1....LTE support for iPhone 4s

I just installed ios6.1 on my iphone 4 and i am still mon the 3G network.

Ridiculous. Says right on their website that it only "expands" LTE support for iPhone 5, iPad mini, and newer gen iPads with cellular. Do your homework before spouting to the masses that it magically applies LTE capability to a 4s.

i just installed ios 6.1 on my iphone 4 and it is still on the 3G network.

I updated my 4G phone to the latest 7.1, no LTE. 3G only.
I stopped by the apple store, they said 4G (None S) doesn't support LTE.

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Actually I hav a new iPhone 4s it is of iOS 9.1.3 and y is it not supporting 4g it is still under 3G y

I have iPhone 4G with the latest iOS 9.3.5. I used it to activates Airtel 4G (Dongle) SIM. Which i believe it support 4G. Airtel 4G SIM could only be activated on 4G support handset only.