How do I make Siri louder / change Siri's volume?

How do I make Siri louder / change Siri's volume?

If you've been poring through the iPhone's settings app looking for control of Siri's volume, only to discover it isn't there, don't worry. The answer isn't that you can't adjust Siri's volume, you can. You just can't make Siri louder or quieter through the settings app.

To change Siri's volume, simply do the following:

1) activate Siri (press and hold the home button)
2) use the volume control buttons on the side of your iPhone



Thank you so much it worked.

thanks, a simple answer but hard to come by .Somehow I accidentally silenced SIRI and it was driving me nuts!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks it worked so good I finally don't have to put my ear up to my iPad Mini in order to hear Siri. THANKS!!!!!!

Thanks so much! This has been driving me nuts for weeks now...don't know how it changed in the first place!

It doesn't work at all. Volume setting says 100 percent, but Siri is still at a whisper.

I had the same problem, volume maxed out and siri was really quiet. The way I fixed it was I turned on siri, used the volume controls and turned it down then all the way back up again and it worked

Thank you that turning it down then up worked

That worked thank you!

Mine is doing the same and I'm not sure why

Many, many thanks for that little snippet of information. I've been pouring through the manuals looking for the volume controls for Siri. It's been driving me crazy. To be honest, I'm kicking myself. I should've thought of that!!!

It's pretty simple: you have a few different volume controls on your phone, including the ringer (which controls the sounds on your phone), the media volume (which controls the loudness of your music), and—apparently—Siri's volume. If you've ever found that Siri beeps loudly even when your ringer volume is quiet, it's because Siri's volume is separate. Just open up Siri with the home button, then immediately turn the volume down to make her a little quieter.

Thanks!!! Driving me crazy after had to reset phone

Thanks Bro you are awesome. I was searching for it from the last one month on net.

thank u it worked



I've been beating my head into EVERYTHING, thinking this was my SECOND failed 4S! OMG! THANK YOU! I had NO idea there was a way to control Siri's volume. FINALLY! MANY thanks!!!

This says I phone but it works for IPad as well. Thank You.

Thanks a million


Thank you so much for this excellent tip. The softness of the beep was driving me crazy. You rock!

You are the best! iPhone was working great until I stupidly upgraded to iOS 7.1. After resets and such , I am slowly getting it back up and running. Any suggestions on the disaster battery issues?

Thank you I now have the volume back.

Thx alot

My up volume button is not working, it "broke" since it fell off a counter. Is there another way of increasing Siri's volume?


Thank you so much it worked!

Thank you so much! This was driving me nuts and I couldn't find the solution.

Thank you. Big deal, simple fix. I think never in a thousand years would I have found it!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It worked!!