Words With Friends Tweak Allows Any Word to be Played

Tired of the dictionary restrictions on Words With Friends? Now you can play any word by installing a simple tweak on your jailbroken iPhone. MessWithWords is available on the Cydia app store for $4.99. Although it might sound pricey for the ability to cheat, there are other advantages to installing the package.

Words With Friends cheat detection

For instance, you receive notification when an opponent is circumventing the Words With Friends dictionary so you won't be caught off guard by a cheater. Playing words that are outside of the dictionary can also open up a whole new world of interesting games, provided your friends are willing to play.

ModMyi communicated with MessWithWords support about the tweak, and they suggested the following:

It's not fun to cheat with it – you get bored instantly, and the other party finds it obnoxious. It's much more fun to create games with specific themes, such as, "surfing" or, "social networks", and then use words that make sense for those themes, but that would never appear in a dictionary.

Much like real Scrabble, the only limitations to what words can be played become the rules the players make amongst themselves. For example, if you and your friend want to use proper names then go right ahead. Allowing additional words to be played leaves it up to each player to keep an eye on the board for nonexistent words.

After installing MessWithWords there are no settings to configure. Words With Friends will notify you when a word is not acceptable, and will give you the option to Play Anyway or Cancel the entry.