Does the iPhone connect to iPod accessories?


Does this mean that I can use a remote control to rewind, etc.? the biggest iPod feature I miss is the ability to back a few minutes.... Also, any ideas on how to activate a sleep timer??

The remote for my Ipod which has radio too, does not work with Iphone. When plugged on the phone a message pops up saying that this device it is not compatible with the Iphone.

THE incompatible warning is generlly fine, isn't it just the message letting you know that you may get interference from the phone bits?

I have found that the iPhine is not that compatible with a lot of things though. My WBL docking sound system (music out the iPhone speakers not the WBL) and most annoyingly a standard griffin itrip with a dock connetor, although there is a new version with the dock connector for charging and a 3.5mm jack - this is so badly designed though that it is fundamentally crap.

My car connector which is "made for ipod" is also incompatible - although music this time, no charging so at least I can charge it elsewhere from time to time.

I have found soemthing it is compatible with - my PC... seems fine there :)

Lets hope they

Oops, didn't seem to finish my last comment.

Lets hope they come up with a converter cable/plug soon.