Voice dialing coming to the Apple iPhone?

Apple long ago announced it's Bluetooth headset that pairs with the iPhone. Until recently, limited details were available for the headset and Apple was not yet taking orders for the device. Now, however, you can pre-order the headset via Apple's online store. The headset is currently estimated to ship in 2-4 weeks.


The product page for the iPhone Bluetooth headset includes details which, depending on interpretation, might hint at voice dialing coming to the iPhone. In their product description, Apple states:

"The iPhone Bluetooth Headset features a single button that lets you make and receive phone calls simply and intuitively."

Typically, if one is able to initiate a call through a Bluetooth headset, it is via voice dialing. Now, that isn't to say that there aren't other ways one could imagine to place calls from a Bluetooth headset, but single button call placement is certainly suggestive of voice dialing.

Addition of a voice dialing feature would also logically require a software update coming to the iPhone - another heavily speculated topic. Should Apple be planning a iPhone software update around when the headset is released, either to accomodate voice dialing or simply add headset compatibility and features, we're curious what else Apple might be including in the update.

No word from Apple yet on whether voice dialing is involved in placing calls from the yet-to-be-released headset.

Update (July 24, 2007): Unfortunately, the Apple iPhone Bluetooth headset has shipped and includes no mention of voice dialing. Despite Apple's promotional text, there is no way (at this time) to place a call on the iPhone using solely the headset.



It's hard to imagine how else they'd provide call making from the BT headset. Unless it just called back the last number you called or that called you.. which would be pointless.

Why do people keep reporting that order availability on the headset is new? It's not. You were able to order one on June 29th when the iPhone shipped, and it's said available in "2-4 weeks" ever since.

I tried to pre-order a few days after I bought my iPhone and was unable to. You were?