iPhone 5 Set for December Launch in China

Apple looks to be on track for an iPhone 5 launch in China just two months after its initial release in the US. According to a report cited by MacRumors, China Telecom Chairman Wang Xiaochu expects the iPhone 5 to be approved by the government in early December.

apple iPhone 5 China

The market for mobile devices in China is expansive and includes the world's largest carrier, China Mobile with 665 million subscribers. Grey market iPhone 5 units imported from other countries are already in high demand. The iPhone 4 rapidly sold out after its launch in China during September 2010.

China's State Radio Management agency has already given the iPhone 5 preliminary approval for sale in the country. Analysts are looking toward China to help boost Apple's holiday-quarter sales and lift the company's stock price. China already contributes up to 16 percent of total revenues at Apple, accounting for over $5.7 billion in sales.

Apple expects to roll out the iPhone 5 on 240 carriers serving 100 countries before the end of 2012. Demand is still outstripping supply as shipping times in the US are currently 3-4 weeks on the Apple Store online.