White iPhone 4 Available in Stores Today

Hallelujah! The white iPhone 4 has arrived. The Apple Store online lists both Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility models in white with a shipping time of 3-5 business days. The black models are shipping within 24 hours, but if you've waited this long for a white iPhone what's a few more days?

apple iphone 4 white in production

The white iPhone 4 makes no changes or updates to the current model hardware, except for the color of the exterior. Apple is offering the device in 16GB and 32GB versions at the exact same pricing as the black iPhone 4, $199 and $299 respectively. Retail stores will also carry the white iPhone in stock starting today.

Reports from China indicate that lines have formed at retailers, as shoppers in Beijing and Hong Kong are mildly obsessed with white consumer electronics. Customers in the US should have no problems getting their hands on a white iPhone since no similar lines have formed as of yet.

Apple's own website now features a splash page showing off the white iPhone 4 with the title, "Finally. The amazing iPhone 4. Now available in white." Steve Jobs first announced the device at the iPhone 4 keynote speech last year. The release date was postponed several times with final promotional materials listing only "spring 2011" as a release date. Vodafone customers were among the first to receive the production white iPhone 4 when employees sold the device ahead of schedule and photos leaked online.

Reports pointed to manufacturing problems as the reason for the long delay. Apple had issues with light leaks on the white model involving the rear camera, and manufacturers needed time to perfect the painted glass used on the device.