White iPhone 4: Coming in Spring 2011?

Apple has made it official, sales of the white iPhone 4 have been postponed until spring 2011. Spring 2011? Why would anyone buy a white iPhone 4 right before the iPhone 5 is launched? Speculation is rampant that Apple might just cancel the white model. In a first since June, the photo and ordering information for the white iPhone 4 has been removed from the Apple online store.

apple iphone 4 white postponed spring 2011

Reports about why the delay has taken so long have varied but most involve some type of manufacturing issue. Problems cited range from CEO Steve Jobs complaining about the home button not matching the white-colored glass to technical difficulties with light leakage into the camera sensor. Whatever the case, Apple's suppliers have been struggling to come up with engineering procedures for the white glass.

We may never know how many people postponed getting an iPhone 4 because they were waiting for the white model, however black iPhone 4 sales have continued in record numbers so far. Could Apple just be canceling the white iPhone 4? Why not just tell your customers? PCWorld went so far as to ask if the white iPhone 4 was "vaporware" as Apple's latest announcement has raised quite a few eyebrows.

It was only weeks ago that retailers such as Wal-Mart were discovered to have white iPhone 4 labels in their stores. After all, Jobs previously delayed the white iPhone until the vague date "this fall." Fall is upon us and the white iPhone 4 is more scarce than ever. In the meantime, there are plenty of case options that will turn your black iPhone into a white one, and several do-it-yourself instructions and services online to repaint your iPhone white (or any color, for that matter). In fact, white iPhone 4 replacement parts can be purchased from China.

It's not clear what Apple has up its sleeve, as other reports have stated the company is focusing on redesigning the iPhone 4 antenna and launching a CDMA model for use on another US carrier. Time will tell if the white iPhone 4 can be manufactured to meet Apple's stringent quality standards before it's too late.


Hearing this news, I was a little disappointed! I dare to buy a black one as the antenna issue and I have waited the white one for a long time. The new issue as camera issue occurs that will lead to delayed released date. Maybe I don't wait any more. It is timt to make another choice. I think I will chose an BB phone and I can download a Aneesoft free blackberry video converter!

Did you know that less than 2% of the iPhone 4 owners have *EVER* complained about any "antenna problem" at all?

You'll be *FAR* more likely to have an "AT&T problem". (Ever USA iPhone ever made is connected to AT&T.)

... yet 70 million have still be sold.