Apple iPhone Unlocked for Use in Europe

Not long after we updated you about a major milestone on the road to an unlocked iPhone, one which brought an unlocked iPhone ever closer, hackers have unlocked the iPhone for use in Europe.

iphone unlocked in europe

Though this does not appear to be a "true" or "full" unlock, as the method requires the creation of a new SIM card using a SIM card reader/writer, it is also more significant than previous SIM card hacks. This latest achievement has resulted in fully working (with the exception of YouTube and Visual Voicemail in some cases) iPhones operating on European carriers.

So far, users have reported iPhones working in

Croatia and UK (Orange).

A tutorial featuring step-by-step instructions on how to complete the European unlock was posted by a user named Saascha on the hackint0sh forums. To complete the required steps, you'll need your iPhone, a SIM card reader/writer, an original European v1 SIM card, and a SilverCard SIM card - roughly $100 worth of ingredients (excluding the iPhone, of course).

Here is an overview of the steps to achieve the "unlock", from the hackint0sh forums:

1. iPhone
2. SIM Reader/Writer (Infinity USB Unlimited, Dynamite Programer(I used this) ,etc...)
3. SilverCard
4. V1 SIM card (U must be able to get Ki number)
5. Download -

Getting IMSI,ICCID & Ki number from your SIMs

Step 1 - Your(V1)SIM

1. Put your carrier SIM card in programer
2. Run Woronscan
3. Click on "Tasks" tab then on "IMSI select" u will get a IMSI number, write it down.
4. Click on "Task" tab then on "ICC select" u will get a ICCID number, write it down.
5. Click on "Tasks" tab then on "Ki search", in pop-up window just click "Search", and wait,Ki extraction has began.(I was waiting for mine 40 min ) When u get it, write it down.

Step 2 - Getting IMSI from AT&T SIM card which came with an iPhone

1. Put your AT&T SIM card in programer
2. Click on "Tasks" then on "IMSI select" u will get a IMSI number, write it down.
3. Close Woronscan
4. Remove SIM from programer

Now U have all "data" to make SuperSim.

Making SuperSim

1. Download & extract: http://www.rapi****
1.a Put your Silvercard in programer
2. Run Sim-Emu 6.01 Configurator v2.1
3. Click on Configure tab
4. Click "Read from disk" button
5. Browse to your downloaded Flash&EEPROM files, first double click on SIM_EMU_6.01_iphone.HEX and then double click on SIM_EMU_6.01_iphone_EP.HEX, now they are loaded,positions 0 and 9 are red colored,thats fine.
6. In position 0 , type in data which u got from your carrier SIM with Woronscan - IMSI,Ki & ICCID!
For ADN/SMS/FDN# type 161, 15, 4, for SMS Centre type in your carrier SMS center number.
7. Now select position 9, here type only IMSI from AT&T SIM card, NOTHING ELSE!
8. In "Config mode" check "Card" circle button
9. Click on "Write to card" button,when its done close Sim-Emu 6.01 Configurator v2.1
10. Run Woronscan again, click on "Tasks" tab then click on "IMSI select" 5 times in a row,U should get first two times AT&T IMSI rest three times your SIM IMSI,if u do u're ready to go!
11. Click on "Security" tab then on "Disable PIN1", it will ask U PIN1 ,its 1111, click OK.
12. Close Woronscan, and remove card from programer

Making your iPhone SuperSim compatible

Step 1

Step 2
For already "fake activated" iPhones ,put the AT&T SIM that it came with iPhone in it or deactivation in step 12. will not work! In "Step 15" when U are filling in fileds ,for ICCID use your carrier SIM ICCID not AT&Ts! When u download a "custom activator v0.2" DO NOT PROCCED to Step 16! At this point remove AT&T SIM card from iPhone(still connected to computer),put in your SuperSim AND THEN procced to Step 16!


As is the case with most iPhone "hacks", the process is a detailed one and should not be attempted by those with little technical experience in such matters - or the faint of heart.

Please note: depending on your location, the details listed above can potentially result in your account being blocked/cancelled by your provider. Preliminary info suggests these activities may even be considered illegal in some countries. And, as always, doing any of the above can invalidate your iPhone's warranty. Details are provided for informational purposes only.