How to Respring your iPhone Without Jailbreaking

Those who are familiar with jailbroken iOS devices know that a quick respring can solve many problems and make changes take effect without bothering to completely reboot everything. Well now there's a trick you can use that quickly resprings the iPhone without actually jailbreaking at all.

iOS respring no jailbreak

Setting up a shortcut to respring your device at will is simple, and requires taking advantage of a loophole in iOS folders. Follow these steps to set up the respring trick for your iOS device:

1. Make two new folders on your home screen, and put icons from some apps or shortcuts that you don't plan to use often in one of the folders. The other one can contain apps you use.

2. Put the folder with the apps you don't use often on the third page of the home screen. Make sure the other folder is on the second home screen page.

3. Navigate to the third page of the home screen. Quickly press the home button and immediately tap and hold the folder you just made. The display will jump to the first page of the home screen, then swipe left to navigate to the second page of the home screen. iOS icons should be in wiggle mode at this point.

4. Touch the folder you created on the second page of the home screen then press the home button and the new folder from the third home screen will appear inside the second page folder.

5. Open your second home screen folder and move all of the apps you actually use out of this folder. Leave the folder from the third home screen inside this folder. Once you remove the apps from the folder on the second home screen, you can rename this folder "Respring".

6. Now any time you're interested in restarting iOS without rebooting (respring) you can simply open the Respring folder and touch the folder inside. This will make your iPhone respring automatically.

Kind of a roundabout way to accomplish something so simple. This trick comes to us thanks to iDownloadblog and hopefully an iOS 6 jailbreak will be coming our way soon. In the meantime you can use this trick to respring your operating system without actually shutting down your iOS device.