More iPhone Tweaks: Pull to Refresh Safari

We recently looked at an incredibly simple but effective tweak, Mail More Photos. Pull to Refresh Safari is another simple and free jailbreak tweak that could change your life. Well maybe not, but wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to press a little circular arrow icon to refresh?

pull to refresh Safari iPhone

This icon in the Safari address bar switches back and forth between an arrow and an X depending on whether or not a webpage is actively loading. Pressing this icon often results in Safari thinking you want to enter a new URL. All of this can be avoided with Pull to Refresh Safari.

The tweak has no settings to configure and simply adds the pull to refresh gesture to Safari once installed. Reloading a website was never easier, and it works just like pulling down to refresh Mail in iOS 6. When a webpage is actively loading, you can even pull to stop instead of trying to touch the X.

Jailbreak your iOS device with evasi0n then get Pull to Refresh Safari from the BigBoss repo on Cydia for free.